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Invisalign – The Next Gen Braces

Orthodontics is the word that brings the picture of a metallic smile with braces in mind. That is not the case anymore. The Invisalign is a set of clear aligners made from biocompatible material customized for your teeth to deliver the same result as metallic orthodontic braces. The forces applied are not as great as in case of brackets.

Mild to severe crowding, spacing, or alignment issues can be easily corrected with Invisalign treatment. Appreciable results are achieved in extraction cases as well. This treatment may be combined with a smile designing if the patient wants to change the shape, size, or color of your teeth.

To begin with, your dentist will examine your teeth and assess the discrepancies present with them. He also makes a note of teeth related habits and expectations from the treatment. A digital scan of your teeth and bite is sent to the laboratory along with facial photographs to get the first assessment done.

In this assessment, a digital evaluation combined with the photographic details are used by an orthodontist on a software to decide the process and duration of treatment. The treatment plan is mailed to your dentist. In the following visit, your consent for the treatment is taken after a consultation with your orthodontist. Once the approval is done, the lab begins to fabricate customized aligners on your model which are delivered in 2-3 weeks of time. Your orthodontist will schedule any extraction or additional treatment during this time if needed. Any attachments would be placed on your teeth if advised in the plan. Depending on the case, your orthodontist can perform procedures like interproximal slicing, addition of composite buttons, etc. You will be given a set of customized aligners to be changed every two weeks in the pre-mentioned sequence.

The first set of aligners is to be worn for a week just to make you acclimatized to the treatment. The aligners have to be worn throughout the day except when you are eating. This makes the Invisalign braces treatment removable, patient-friendly, and almost invisible. The oral hygiene maintenance with aligners is easy and hassle-free. Invisalign utilizes application of precise yet mild force on your teeth to produce desired movements in a smaller duration of time. The scan assesses the amount of force to be applied on individual tooth to get your teeth in proper alignment. The aligners are a technique sensitive procedure since calculated forces are applied on individual tooth to reposition it correctly.

The Invisalign treatment can be taken by working adults as well because of their unnoticeable aligners. Visit your nearest orthodontist in Delhi for a pretreatment assessment to clear your doubts. He can guide you for your treatment to your beautiful and confident smile. He might even ask for extra oral scans to assess the relationship of your upper and lower jaw. This will help him deliver a more predictable solution to your orthodontic problem.