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Bone loss is a serious issue in dentistry. You certainly need to have an adequate bone thickness for supporting your tooth and its functionality. However, the bone loss does occur in most instance. You may need to have adequate bone support to hold the implants intact, in case, if the bones are atrophic completely.


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Implant Bone Graft

» With our advanced dental bone grafting technique, we can secure and place the grafted bones in the most successful manner.
» It helps to restore the bone thickness and supports the implants and denture to hold on the place intact.
» We will make sure to keep you comfortable and painless throughout the process.
» According to your comfort, we will use autograft or allografts.

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Procedure Bone Grafting

» During the implant surgery, to improve the thickness of the bone and to increase the height of the bone, we place the bone grafts.
» Allografts or autografts are taken and crushed with the defined medium so that it becomes into a workable form.
» Once the implants are placed in a desirable location, the crushed bone grafts are packed adequately around the implants. It is then sutured to secure both the implants and the grafting materials
» The grafted bones will not only increase the quality of the underlying bone but also it promotes the merging of the implant to that of the bone.

TechnologyAdvance Technology
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

Digital 3D CBCT imaging technique is a perfect tool for analysing the bone condition. It perfectly determines the quality of bone that surrounds the jaw. This helps to predict the success of implant treatment in advance and tells about the requirement of bone grafting. This will determine the grafting process, the amount and quantity of the bone grafting material.

We use high-quality material for bone grafting that is extremely biocompatible, and certainly, you will not have to face the trouble of graft rejection. The grafting material we use is of international standards, and are completely safe to oral health. It is extremely harmless and ensures speedy tissue healing.


PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

Visit One

  • » consultation and diagnosis
  • » X rays and advanced scanning techniques
  • » Analysis and treatment plan
  • » Determining the grafting material
  • » Treatment discussion and confirmation

Visit Two

  • » Preparing the bone graft
  • » Implant surgery
  • » Placing and securing the bone graft
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Frequently Asked Question
  • What precautions should I take after bone regeneration treatment?
    It is advised to avoid hot and spicy foods for a week. You are also recommended using the soft bristles for brushing for a week or two. Apart from that, you can follow your own oral care regime.
  • Does the bone grafts get rejected from my body?
    In stunning dentistry, we only use highly advanced materials and grafts, that are of superior-quality and biocompatible. Definitely, you no need to have the graft rejection fear.
  • What is the benefit of bone grafting?
    Bone grafting increases the bone height and amplifies the bone quality. It will also enhance the implant-bone fusion process.
  • Will the implant placed with bone grafting lasts forever?
    Implants placed with bone grafts will certainly increase the lifetime of the overall prosthesis and add an additional value to the oral function.

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