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A simple, painless white patch can take a malignant turn in the mouth. Such is the danger of oral cancer or mouth cancer which can remain in anonymity for a long time until complications of the diseases show up.

Never ignore the slightest of white or red patch formation on the inner lining of the lips, any other part of the mouth cavity and upper throat, because it might not be benign. Better consult a dentist to identify if the patch is malignant.

Early detection can cure the disease with greater efficacy because a dentists make no delay to take up the case with the best mouth cancer surgeon. In major, cases the surgeon needs to work with the dentist at the hospital for mouth cancer surgery, especially when prosthetic or cosmetic treatment is required to replace or reconstruct tissues, oral bones, gums or teeth that had to be removed to cure the deadly disease.

A regular check-up at the dental clinic is ideal for one and all. Take precaution before any unforeseen emergencies threaten your life at the best oral cancer treatment clinic in Delhi.


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Dentistry Oral Cancer

We have the best infrastructure and advanced technology to deal with oral cancer screening and treatment. We ensure screening procedures be done under best comfort and care.

On detection of cancer, our dental specialists refer you to the best oral cancer surgeon. So, we act as your first step towards a disease that strikes fear and panic.

We provide valuable guidance on the best hospital for mouth cancer surgery in Delhi and treatment financing options for oral cancer surgery.

Oral cancer treatment has the most beneficial merits on both physical and psychological level:

Cures the disease permanently
Reduce further chances of malignancy
Gives patients new life, hope and confidence


Procedure Oral Cancer

Chemotherapy and radiation therapies are the best treatments for mouth cancer. The treatment type depends on the cause of the disease.

Comprehensive cancer screening is required to identify the leading cause of cancer; tobacco, alcohol consumption have been the major cancer-causing agents worldwide. Accordingly, the next level of treatment is followed at the best hospital for oral cancer. Oral cancer treatment is required because the malignant cells can quickly spread down the oral cavity to the food tract or other parts of the body. A cancer patient might even lose out on vital parts of the body, such as a vocal box that controls our speech. Newer technologies are coming for more effective oral cancer screening and new medicines like C 225, which can facilitate the killing of cancerous cells with radiation therapy.

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The most precise and accurate way to confirm a cancerous growth is with biopsy. We absolutely spot the biopsy location and take the tissue with the most minimally invasive method. Without disturbing the adjacent structures, the biopsy we take is extremely specific and prompt. Without delaying further you will get an outstanding treatment at the right time. Confirming cancer at the earliest is crucial in treating cancer. The early we diagnose, the better and successful will be the treatment.

PET scan

Extend of the lesion and the spread of cancerous cells are precisely determined through PET scan. Cancer cells have a tendency to grow rapidly and attack the other organs. It has to be promptly determined in order to find the hotspots accurately, and so to treat according to the target-specific manner. We make use of this advanced technology to help you to overcome cancer in the best way. With our advanced technical approach, we can diagnose cancer at the earliest and incredibly enhances the treatment prognosis.

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Frequently Asked Question
  • Can cancer be avoidable?
    Every person is prone to cancer. However, with a few lifestyle management, it is possible to prevent or reduce the risk for cancer.
  • What is life’s expectancy with oral cancer?
    Luckily, oral cancer is very much possible to identify at the very early stage and so the life expectancy is certainly long-live.
  • How do I know if the lesion is cancer or not?
    Any painless, chronic ulcer, non-healing for more than a week, it is better to report to your doctor.
  • What treatment should I opt for oral cancer?
    Depending on the location of cancer, the extent of the lesion, your doctor will suggest you the best solution for treating the condition.

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