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High frenal attachment might hinder your aesthetics and smile. It could also restrict the tongue movements and affect speech and chewing ability. With this treatment we remove the excess fibres precisely and painlessly.

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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Treatment Frenectomy

» Get the most painless fibre removal with our highly advanced soft tissue LASERS.
» Frenectomy is a painless and bloodless procedure.


Procedure Frenectomy

» The area is anaesthetised painlessly. Frenectomy is a simple procedure, and with our advanced technology, you will not have any discomfort or pain even after the process.
» The high-attached frenal fibres are then removed with the LASER technology. In the case of the conventional approach, you may need sutures, incision and scalpel for removing the frenum.
» The fibres are completely excised. By removing the thick fibres, the gap between the teeth, particularly front teeth are closed accurately.

Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» LASER-assisted frenectomy procedure is a highly advanced painless and bloodless procedure. No suture, no scalpel incision is needed for frenectomy procedure. We use international standards in providing the best care.

» WAND technique is helpful to render painless anaesthesia. It is a technology that makes you experience the local anaesthetic injection in a painless way. It delivers a painless injection with a controlled flow rate and pressure. This can ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Question
  • Will the frenectomy procedure hinders my daily activity?
    LASER-assisted frenectomy procedure is painless, bloodless procedure. No need for sutures and incision. The healing will be immediate and definitely will never hinder your daily activities.
  • What are the advantages of a frenectomy procedure?
    You can get the best smile line after frenectomy treatment. Tongue-tie is relieved and moved freely so that you can chew better and speak better.
  • Do I have to take any precaution for carrying frenectomy treatment?
    No need to take any special precautions for taking up this procedure. You can comfortably sit on the dental chair. Our dental specialist will take care of the rest.
  • Will LASER cause any trouble?
    The well-controlled laser beam is the perfect solution for a frenectomy procedure. The LASER has an anti-microbial property that safely gives protection to your oral cavity. Also, LASER helps to stop bleeding at the surgical site and serves to heal fast.

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