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Basal Implantology helps us in providing you an instant and long term solution. Implant supported crowns over basal implants can be delivered within 72 Hrs. and can restore your oral function instantly.


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Implant Basal Implants

» Basal bone is the strongest bone in the jaw. It is formed even before the development of the teeth.
» Taking support from the basal bone is the extremely strongest way of placing the implant There is no waiting time for fitting the prosthesis after basal bone-implant treatment.
» Since the basal bone is the strongest structure, we can immediately load the denture within three days maximum.
» The basal implants are highly stable and more specific to the treatment success rate.

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Procedure Basal Implant

Your bone quality is first analysed and determined using high-quality scanning methods and the treatment outcome is perfectly predicted with the help of advanced technology, and along with the mock-ups. After attaining anaesthesia, the implants are placed on the thick cortical bone. Depending upon the amount and quality of bone present, the number of basal implants are determined and placed. The implants are then secured intact. The digital impression of the jaw along with the implants are taken and the prosthesis is fabricated. It is then locked with the basal implants with the help of screws and adjusted to give the perfect natural feel.

TechnologyAdvance Technology
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

The best tool to analyse oral structure for implants is the CBCT scan. It helps to plan precisely for implant treatment and acts as a perfect guide during implant surgery. It can precisely determine the nerve path, thus helps during the planning and execution of implant surgeries. It helps to determine the bone structure and teeth orientation. It can also evaluate the associated structures of teeth like jaw, sinus, basal bone quality and nasal cavity for precisely planning the treatment and to render the perfect result.

Tek scan is an amazing tool to correct the occlusion during prosthesis fabrication. It helps to optimise the amount of force distributed on your teeth while biting and thereby protects the prosthesis from disharmony. It helps to ensure that implants are not loaded early and make sure your bone and implant are stable enough to hold the prosthesis. It helps to screen your biting position and occlusion from the baseline. It guides and monitors the bite throughout the treatment. It improves the efficiency of the procedure. It requires less time as it helps to minimise the errors from the initial phase of the process, and reduces the number of visits.


PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

Visit One

  • » Consultation and diagnosi
  • » 3D Photoshoots
  • » Advanced scanning technique
  • » Analysis and treatment plan
  • » Treatment discussion and confirmation

Visit Two
Implant Surgery

  • » General anaesthesia
  • » Implant surgery
  • » Impression
  • » Denture fabrication

Visit Three
Final Placement

  • » Denture insertion
  • » Fitting adjustments
  • » Follow-ups
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Frequently Asked Question
  • What are the benefits of basal implants?
    You will get extra-ordinary stability and retention to the full mouth rehabilitation. Also, the treatment time is extremely less.
  • Who required basal implants?
    If you don’t have adequate bone for supporting the denture, and in case, your quality of the alveolar bone is porous, then you require basal implants for more stability and support.
  • How successful is the treatment?
    Basal implants are extremely successful as we take support from the strongest portion of the jaw. We improve the overall oral function within a week duration.
  • Is there an age limit for taking this treatment?
    There is no age limit for placing basal implants. Depending on your oral condition, and systemic support we will determine whether you need basal implants or not.

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