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TMJ Joint Vibration Analysis near me

Temporo Mandibular Disorders can be classified as: Pain-related; intra-articular; and degenerative joint disease and Subluxation Disorders. Any TMJ Disorders can precisely be identified with joint vibration analysis. Joint vibration analysis is based on principles of motion and friction by surfaces, which can be captured by accelerometers. Human TM joint in exact biomechanical relationship should produce little friction and little vibration. Surface changes in the TM Joint causes more vibration and more friction which causes TM Disorders.


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Joint Vibration AnalysisWhy

» We objectively assess the TM joint’s health and document both the pre-treatment condition and the joint movements disorders.
» This helps to determine the improvement and the prognosis of the TM joint.
» Joint Vibration Analysis provides a in-depth diagnostic-based treatment approach.
» The traditional method of palpation and auscultation method is replaced by this highly advanced, technically superior, joint vibration analysis to read the joint sound.

Joint Vibration AnalysisProcedure
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» The joint vibration analysis is based on the simple principle of motion and friction. When the joint moves, if it has a smooth surface, then it create less friction and so, less vibration. If the surface is rough, it creates more friction and more vibration. It means that there is not enough lubrication present between the joints. This friction will inflame the bones and the surrounding soft tissue.

» Sometimes, degeneration of the bone or perforation will also cause abnormal vibration to the joints. Different TMJ disorders will produce a different vibration pattern. The joint vibration analysis helps to differentiate the primary joint problem from the other painful condition. Joint vibration analysis predicts the condition more accurately, without human-errors, and provide a permanent record that can be used for future comparison.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

Visit One

  • » Assessment
  • » Conventional palpation and auscultation
  • » Joint vibration analysis

Visit Two

  • » Impression with 3D scanner
  • » Restorative Procedure if required
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  • Is the process painful?
    It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure to read your joint movement. Certainly, you will not have pain with this procedure
  • Who requires this investigation?
    Anyone who is having TM joint pain or TM Joint disorder might need to be assessed with joint vibration analysis.
  • Do I have to prepare myself to accept this treatment?
    No need for any special arrangements for accepting this treatment. It is a non-invasive simple procedure, where you can comfortably sit and relax during the process.

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