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Joint Vibration Analysis

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Any TMJ problems are precisely identified with joint vibration analysis. The movement of the joint is investigated to predict the actual cause promptly. We absolutely use joint vibration analysis for your TMJ pain. We don’t compromise in giving you the best solution.


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Analysis Joint Vibration

» We objectively assess our patient’s joint health and document both the pre-treatment condition and the joint movements after the treatment.
» This helps to determine the improvement and the prognosis of your joint disorder.
» We can do a diagnostic-based treatment approach with the help of joint vibration analysis.
» The traditional method of palpation and auscultation method is replaced by the highly advanced, technically superior, joint vibration analysis to read the joint sound.


Procedure Joint Vibration Analysis

» Joint vibration analysis has high specificity. The device that resembles like a headphone is placed over both the joints. I will take less than 3 minutes to read the joint movements.
» You are made to move your mouth in different positions and the joint movements are analysed. The vibration that the joint creates during the various movement are recorded using the computerised tool and the registered outcome is used for analysis and future references.

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TechnologyJoint Vibration Analysis
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» The joint vibration analysis is based on the simple principle of motion and friction. When the joint moves, if it has a smooth surface, then it create less friction and so, less vibration. If the surface is rough, it creates more friction and more vibration. It means that there is no enough lubrication present between the joints. This friction will inflame the bones and the surrounding soft tissue.

» Sometimes, degeneration of the bone or perforation will also cause abnormal vibration to the joints. Different TMJ disorders will produce a different vibration pattern. The joint vibration analysis helps to differentiate the primary joint problem from the other painful condition. Joint vibration analysis predicts the condition more accurately, without human-errors, and provide a permanent record that can be used for future comparison.

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Frequently Asked Question
  • Does the process is painful?
    It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure to read your joint movement. Certainly, you will not have pain with this procedure.
  • Who requires this investigation?
    Anyone who is having joint pain might need to be assessed with joint vibration analysis. The reason for TMJ pain is many. One needs to diagnose properly in order to render the correct treatment.
  • What may happen if I don’t accept joint vibration analysis?
    Tempero-mandibular joint pain will indicate many disorders. Sometimes, the pain is not originating from the joint itself. It could be due to associated structures. Or sometimes, the pain is purely because of joint disorder. Also, the joint disorder is a huge category. It has to be aligned and sorted out correctly for the right treatment. Joint vibration analysis is one such amazing tool to find the differences.
  • Do I have to prepare myself to accept this treatment?
    You no need to do any special arrangements for accepting this treatment. It is a non-invasive simple procedure, where you can comfortably sit and relax during the process.

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