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The confident smile from properly aligned teeth is irreplaceable. But not everyone gets such privilege naturally. Some may have crooked teeth. They are chipped, overlapped, spaced or crowded. Lower front teeth are most commonly affected. These crooked teeth will not only affect your confidence but also oral functionality. However, stunning dentistry can provide you with the best solution to design your smile perfectly.


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Why Misaligned Teeth

» In stunning dentistry, we have highly qualified and trained specialists, who can guide you effectively in every mean.
» We strive to give you the most luxurious experience with utmost comfort.
» We act as a co-worker in designing your smile.
» You can approach any doctor at any time for clarifying your doubts.
» No procedure will proceed without making you aware of what to be done.
» You will certainly get the celebrity smile here. We will enhance your confidence for sure.


Procedure Crooked Teeth

» Mild crookedness is perfectly aligned with our technically advanced cosmetic corrections. More beautiful veneers can give the sparkling beauty.
» Severe misalignment is corrected using orthodontic braces. Bracket-less orthodontic management is highly comfortable for your oral structures.
» Misalignment of teeth due to a genetically missing tooth is replaced with an implant to give the proper form and shape to the smile line and the oral functions. Adequate space is created using orthodontic management to place the implant, and the implant is placed followed by the crown.

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TechnologyMisalinged/Crooked Teeth
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» We use digital smile design ( DSD ) software for treatment planning, especially to sort out complex crooked teeth condition. DSD guides the teeth position and improves treatment outlining and understanding. It helps to visualise the final outcome in well-advanced and helps for treatment planning. We use highly biocompatible metal-free crowns like zirconia to enhance the aesthetic and beauty of your smile We have CAD/CAM 3D digital impression system for recreating your prosthesis flawlessly.

We have advanced X rays like cephalogram and 3D digital CBCT imaging system to perfectly analyse the jaw bone, soft tissue with the tooth structures for the perfect final outcome along with the associated vital structures. We have wireless Invisalign for correcting your complex crooked teeth without any harm or discomfort. It requires no brackets or elastics to move the teeth. It is very comfy even for your day-to-day usage.

PreferredWhy Our Patients Choose Us?
We are a rare combination of individualism, commitment, perfection, precision, composure and compassion.

We stand in every mean to deliver you the best in the world of dentistry.

Quality Assurance
Most Advanced dental technology from USA & Germany.
We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
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We work in collaboration with the best dental laboratories of the world.
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Get 24*7 personalized assistance from your dedicated CRM.
We believe in delivering Top Notch Dentistry in South Delhi at the most affordable pricing.
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Experience Elite dentistry at our award winning dental office in India.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • How long does smile designing last?
    It depends on the quality of the materials used and the habits you follow. In Stunning Dentistry we make sure to treat you with high-quality materials that simulate the strength close to your natural teeth. Likewise, habits you control like biting very hard substance or grinding your teeth can increase longevity.
  • Do you have to cut tooth for veneers?
    Unlike crowns, veneers don’t require tooth preparation. However, it requires mild scrapping of enamel says 0.5 to 0.8 mm for placing the veneers and to get a natural touch. Otherwise, the tooth might look bulky.
  • Do I experience sensitivity after smile design procedures?
    You might experience very mild sensitivity at the time of procedure which will be absolutely resolved after a few days.
  • How to take care of aligners?
    It is better to clean aligners with Invisalign cleaning system. However, you can also brush it daily with lukewarm water. It is important to maintain the aligner in sterile and hygiene manner. Certainly, avoid washing with hot water, as it might distort the aligner material.
  • What if I lose or break the aligners?
    Immediately report to the doctor. Depend on your condition, your doctor may fabricate the new one and make you use the previous one until the fabrication time. So that it might not hinder the treatment.

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