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Loose teeth will give you functional impairment. You have to be conscious in everything you do including eating. In Stunning Dentistry, we give you the best treatment for managing the loose teeth. You will get the most conservative, fast, painless, and comfortable treatment here.


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Why Loose Teeth Treatment

» In stunning dentistry, we are extremely concerned about saving and protecting your loose teeth in the most possible way.
» You will get immediate attention and individual care in our hospital.
» We have highly trained specialised doctors who are all patient-friendly. You can approach them at any time. We strive to make you comfortable and satisfied at every point.
» We make sure to provide you with the painless treatment.
» We limit the appointments and bring out the best solution in a shorter duration.
» Our international technologies will help you to experience the luxurious feel.


Procedure Loose Teeth Treatment

» Weakened gums are corrected using soft tissue grafting procedure. This will help to eliminate the infection and promote healthy tissue growth over the periodontium.
» Root canal treatment with advanced technology, along with root end surgery to eliminate the infection that spread through the tooth.
» Misaligned teeth are corrected with braces and orthodontic treatment.
» We give proper guidance to manage diabetes and help you to control the sugar level.
» Extremely loose teeth re removed as it is hopeless, and we place the superior implants to replace the lost structure.

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TechnologyLoose Teeth Treatment
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» Laser-assisted gum therapy helps to eliminate gum infection, strengthen the periodontium and preserve the tooth structure. Laser-assisted root canal treatment helps to eradicate infection and abscess completely and make the tooth environment sterile and safe. Lasers have microbicidal property, thus it helps to kill the bacteria and other infection from the oral cavity and provide you with a germ-free zone. Thus it protects the tooth from re-infection. Lasers are delivered in a controlled manner, and certainly, it contributes to the precise work.

» Digital 3D CBCT imaging technique will give the precision of the bone level and also about the other supporting structures. This makes the treatment extremely precise and easier. CAD/CAM 3D digital impression will register well-defined structures and contribute for the 100% success rate. Tek scan bite rehabilitation will give a digital image of your occlusion in every step, and guide throughout the process. This would help to protect your joints, muscles and other supporting structures of the teeth and provides a functional perfection. Digital 3D implant stimulation and planning system will help to accurately plan and place the implant without creating any trauma or injuries to the adjacent structures.

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We are a rare combination of individualism, commitment, perfection, precision, composure and compassion.

We stand in every mean to deliver you the best in the world of dentistry.

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We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Can loose teeth be preserved?
    When the damage is not to a greater extent, it is possible to preserve your natural teeth. With advanced technologies, it is also possible to make it functionally feasible like healthy teeth in every aspect
  • Is laser-assisted treatment a permanent solution?
    Laser-assisted treatment can perfectly kill the microbes and protects the tooth from further bacterial attacks. Thus the longevity of the treatment is pretty high.

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