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Sometimes you might experience random pain on the face or teeth which may be uncertain to point the origin. It is pretty annoying and may disturb your regular activities in most of the instance. In stunning dentistry, we help you to overcome such discomforts by accurately diagnosing the cause and providing you with the right treatment.


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Procedure Orofacial Pain Treatment

» We have highly specialised doctors who can understand what exactly you going through, and could help you in all means.
» We strive to relieve your pain and make you comfort.
» Our doctors will highly educate you regarding orofacial pain and will suggest you the best solution that will best suitable for you.
» You can anytime contact our doctors and get their guidance.
» We follow international standard technologies which help for instant diagnosis and to render prompt treatment.
» Our doctors will guide you with the best exercise and the best lifestyle management according to your comfort to overcome orofacial pain as a preliminary intervention.


Procedure Orofacial Pain Treatment

» We help you to come out of stress through proper guidance and protocols.
» We can relieve your pain through TENS therapy. Tens therapy involves the use of low voltage current to reduce the pain. Our body is made of ions. All the nerve impulse are sent through ions. Sending mild electric current over the pain helps to block the pain receptors being sent to the nerves to the brain. The electrodes are placed promptly on the place where you elicit pain. You will feel a mild soothing vibration over the affected region during the Tens therapy.
» Neurogenic origins are sorted out and prompt treatment with medications are rendered.

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TechnologyOrofacial Pain Treatment
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» We have TMJ scans to visualise and study the joint movements. This helps to better analyse the condition and to fetch you the right treatment in the most conservative manner. We use Tek scan occlusal analysis therapy for understanding and ruling out the occlusal discrepancy. This helps to soothe the masticatory muscle and prevent the joint from injury. We have joint vibration analysis to determine the level of impact accurately. Our 3D CBCT digital imaging helps to rule out bone pathology from the. We can provide instant pain relief with botulinum toxin injection. This helps to release the muscular contraction. We make stabilisation appliance with our CAD/CAM 3D milling machine that you get it on the same day.

» We use internationally approved equipment to carry out Tens treatment. The quality of the machine is highly precise and superior. The amount of current flow is adjustable. It is adjusted according to your pain intensity and body needs. The machine delivers electric volts with unimaginable precision. We use high standard techniques to analyse the cause for TMJ pain. The reason for TMJ pain could be many. It has to be sorted out precisely to render the correct treatment. Joint vibration analysis, a CBCT scan helps to determine the TMJ condition and its associated problems.

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Frequently Asked Question
  • Is orofacial pain and tooth pain different?
    Yes, it is. but it’s difficult for you to differentiate. Most of the orofacial pain will mimic tooth pain and it has to be promptly identified.
  • Does orofacial pain hinder my regular activity?
    If you do not undergo the right treatment at the right time, it will hinder your regular activities. In fact, some sort of lifestyle management could help to overcome orofacial pain.
  • Do I have to take any special precaution if I have got orofacial pain?
    Yes, a mild lifestyle change, certainly in the limit of your comfort is required. Sometimes, you need to avoid touching your face, mind your sleep, consciously look for clenching habit for instance, until you take up the right treatment at the correct time.

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