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The most precise uncomplicated tooth extraction is very crucial to protect your adjacent healthy tissues and to enhance healing. With our technologies and precision, we will add value to your smile.

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Warranty Lifetime Money Back Warranty

With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Why Tooth Extraction

» Get the most desirable tooth extraction.
» Our advanced technology helps to remove the tooth without hindering any adjacent tooth structures.
» Accuracy and precision
» You will get the most painless extraction from our clinic.
» We help to keep you calm and relax during the entire process and reduces your anxiety completely.


Procedure Tooth Extraction

» The tooth to be removed is first anaesthetised painlessly with our highly advanced local anaesthetic techniques. The affected tooth is then positioned well for atraumatic removal. With the help of suitable forceps and elevators, the tooth is then luxated gradually, so as to loosen the tooth from the socket. Once the tooth is loosened from the socket adequately, it is removed atraumatically.
» The bleeding is controlled with compression, and instructions are given for the smooth healing to happen. Very importantly, you should not blow or spit vigorously on the day of the extraction. This is to safeguard the blood clot, which is necessary for the healing to take place.

TechnologyTooth Extraction
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» Laser-assisted tooth removal is the most advanced technique, that helps to precisely remove the affected soft and hard tissue without touching the healthy structure. Laser beams are emitted in an extremely controlled manner, and this narrowed emission helps to work on the target-specific region throughout the treatment process. Laser-assisted tooth removal can wash-off the infection and keep the extracted site sterile even after the treatment.

» WAND technique could render the painless anaesthesia for you, where you don’t even feel the prick. It is a technology that is invented to make you experience the local anaesthetic injection a painless one. It can render a painless injection with a controlled flow rate and pressure. This can ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness. This injection can give 100% success in a single shot, as this technology can find the exact injecting location.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

We render the most treatment in the shortest period of time.

Single Visit

  • » Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • » Digital X-ray
  • » Treatment discussion and confirmation
  • » Painless Local anaesthesia
  • » Laser-assisted Tooth extraction
  • » Secured under medication
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We are a rare combination of individualism, commitment, perfection, precision, composure and compassion.

We stand in every mean to deliver you the best in the world of dentistry.

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Most Advanced dental technology from USA & Germany.
We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
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We work in collaboration with the best dental laboratories of the world.
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Get 24*7 personalized assistance from your dedicated CRM.
We believe in delivering Top Notch Dentistry in South Delhi at the most affordable pricing.
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Experience Elite dentistry at our award winning dental office in India.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Do I really need to remove my tooth?
    In our clinic, we are very much concerned about preserving the natural teeth. In case, if we recommend for tooth removal, then there will not be any other best option for your condition other than removing the tooth.
  • Will there be any discomfort after removing the tooth?
    We use international standard technologies for removing the tooth atraumatically. You will not have any discomfort or pain after the tooth removal.
  • Will tooth extraction hinder my work?
    Tooth removal from our clinic will have faster healing because of the technique we use. You absolutely no need to stop your work anytime.
  • What’s the advantage of tooth removal?
    The highly hopeless tooth is removed to improve your overall oral function, enhance the chewing ability and helps to overcome the discomfort.
  • Will the tooth removal process be painful?
    You will not have even a bit of pain during the process. With our advanced technology, we completely mask the pain and keeps you comfortable throughout.

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