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Accidents are unpredictable. Undesirable traumas could cost your facial functions and aesthetics. Multi-fractures of your face has to be managed promptly and precisely to overcome complications. Stunning dentistry is the top-notch dental hospital in Delhi to manage the emergency dental needs at its best. With our advanced technology and highly trained maxillofacial surgeons, we render the most desirable facial trauma management.


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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FacialTrauma Management

» Facial injuries are treated by keeping both the functional and aesthetics in mind.
» Airway obstruction and bleeding are all will trigger the emergency situation, and we take care of the situation to the best.
» Maxillofacial injuries are a frequent cause of presentations in an emergency department. Varying from simple, common nasal fractures to gross destruction of the face, management of such injuries can be extremely challenging. Injuries of this highly vascular zone are complicated by the presence of upper airway and proximity with the cranial and cervical structures that may be concomitantly involved.
» In spite of all the hurdles, we can handle every single emergency to its best.


Procedure Jaw Tongue Reconstruction

» We ensure to safeguard the brain. Any head injury is addressed primarily. Equally, airway obstructions are given utmost importance. Securing the airway at the earliest is the first and foremost step in saving a life.
» Undesirable bleeding is identified and the steps are taken to control it immediately. After the primary care is precisely managed, the traumatised segments are analysed. The fractured segments are then surgically corrected with reduction and immobilisation. Depend on the severity of the damage, you may or may not require bone plating. In most cases, you will require wiring to secure and fragmented portion and keep it intact. You may need to be on a soft diet for two to three weeks based on the healing and prognosis.

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TechnologyJaw Tongue Reconstruction
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.
Maxillofacial Surgery Procedure

» Advanced scanning techniques like CBCT scan, PET scan, MRI will help to find the facial fracture segment. How worse or how better the situation is, better analysed with the help of these scanning methods. Airway obstruction, undesirable internal bleeding, multi-fragmented bones, haemorrhage in the brain, crushing of vital organs are all determined and predicted better with these scanning technologies. It helps not to delay the treatment process. These scanning methods helps to render the correct treatment without delaying anymore.

With the CAD/CAM technology, a simulated surgical plan can be performed through various methods, so as to simulate the best outcome for your facial structure without compromising its function and appearance. The CAD-CAM software allows for the conversion of the virtual reconstruction data into the surgical navigation system to be used intraoperatively

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

Stunning dentistry is the only place in Delhi to give the best treatment with minimal appointments for Maxillofacial trauma surgery.

Visit One

  • » Quick analysis
  • » Airway protection
  • » Bleeding control
  • » Surveying for brain injury
  • » All possible primary care
  • » Monitoring vitals
  • » X-rays and scanning

Visit Two

  • » Wiring and plating
  • » Fracture reduction and immobilisation
  • » Follow-ups
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  • Can I restore my facial function after a facial trauma?
    We help you to restore the facial function completely with the help of our advanced technologies, and our ability to reconstruct the structures with precision.
  • Will the trauma mess-up my facial appearance?
    With cosmetic surgeries, we can help you to regain your appearance even after a massive facial trauma.
  • Will I get immediate attention at your hospital?
    Emergencies are given the topmost priority in our hospital. You will get round the clock assistance and we will make sure you get the best treatment at the right time.
  • Will there be a medio-legal issue?
    The reasons for the facial traumas are many, and in fact, it will invite medio-legal attention in most instance. However, this will not delay the treatment process in our hospital.

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