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Preserve the natural teeth irrespective of the harshness of the infection with the root end surgery. Apicecotomy or peri apical root end surgeries are aimed at removing bectirial infection from the root ends, and saving failed root canal treated teeth.

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Why Root End Surgery

» Infection spreading through the root can best be treated with our high-precision root end surgeries.
» This protects your natural teeth from the severe abscess.
» Recurring root canal infections and root end abscess can be completely healed with this procedure.


Procedure Root End Surgery

» When the infection spreads out of the root of the tooth, it forms an abscess or granuloma on the tip of the tooth root. It has to be removed in order to prevent recurrent infection and to protect the natural tooth.
» The root tip is accurately determined with the help of advanced scanning technique. The incision is made on the determined root tip location. A whole is made to access the tip of the root. The infected portion of the root tip is removed promptly in the most minimally invasive manner.
» The gums are then closed and sealed to cover the surgical site. It is then allowed to heal for a week and the tooth is treated with the root canal treatment.

TechnologyRoot End Surgery
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» Digital CBCT 3D imaging technique helps to precisely locate the root end for the accurate procedure. The 3D imaging CBCT scan helps to quantify your jaw and tooth position precisely. This helps to render accurate guidance during the treatment process. It can evaluate the associated structures of teeth like jaw, sinus and nasal cavity accurately, and helps to render the root end surgery with perfection. The most definitive treatment is only possible with the CBCT scan.

» LASER-assisted root end surgery will precisely aid to remove the infection. The LASER itself has anti-microbial property and clears the infections fully. It helps to prevent unnecessary trauma to the adjacent hard and soft tissue. LASER-assisted root end surgery is the most advanced technique, that helps to precisely remove the affected soft and hard tissue without touching the healthy structure. LASER beams are emitted in an extremely controlled manner, and this narrowed emission helps to work on the target-specific region throughout the treatment process.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

First Visit

  • » Consultation and Diagnosis
  • » Digital X-rays
  • » Treatment plan, discussion and confirmation
  • » Painless local anaesthesia
  • » The laser-assisted root end surgical procedure
  • » Surgical pack and sutures


  • » Follow-up and healing
  • » Root canal filling
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Frequently Asked Question
  • What is the advantage of root end surgery?
    You might tend to lose your natural tooth due to repeated root canal infection. However, root end surgery can save your natural tooth.
  • Should I need root end surgery?
    In case, your tooth has repeated root canal infections, it is better to go for root-end surgery and save your natural teeth.
  • Will root end surgical procedure cause any trouble?
    Protecting your natural teeth is the best option anytime. This surgery helps to eliminate the chronic infection on the tooth and protects your natural teeth. You will not have any troubles with this procedure.
  • When can I return to my normal activities?
    In most cases, you can return to your daily activities on the next day itself. You will not have any hindrance after this procedure
  • Is the surgery painful?
    Definitely not. You get the most comfortable and painless experience.

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