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Bad breath or halitosis might hinder your day-to-day routine and may bring down your self confidence to speak with someone close to you. There can be multiple reasons for halitosis, primarily being deposition of plaque and calculus.


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Bad BreathWhy

There are many risk factors and causes for bad breath/halitosis, and even healthy people have bad breath problems. A few factors can be:
» Food: Regular consumption of food substances which are pungent and lead to bad odours. Most of the time this odor is short lived. Other food substances that may get stuck in the teeth, promoting the growth of bacteria and dental plaques, which causes bad breath and this sustains for a longer period of time. Low carbohydrate diets may also cause "ketone breath."
» Tobacco products: Smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco can also precipitate bad-breath.
» Poor oral hygiene and remnant food particles in the mouth can rot and cause bad odors.
» Oral thrush, postnasal drip, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, lactose intolerance.
» Dry mouth or xerostomia can also cause bad breath.
» Sinus congestion due to allergies can also cause people to breathe from their mouth, causing dry mouth and hence causing bad breath.
» Mouth infections: Cavities, gum disease, or impacted teeth may cause bad breath.
» Food particles stuck in braces can rot and cause bad breath. Loose-fitting dentures may cause sores or infections in the mouth, which can cause bad breath.
» Medications: Many medications, including antihistamines can also cause dry mouth and hence bad breath.
» "Morning breath": Bad breath in the morning happens because the saliva production nearly stops during sleep and causes xerostomia and hence bad breath.
» Pregnancy: Nausea and morning sickness are common during pregnancy and may cause bad breath.


Bad BreathTreatment

» Various methods and technologies like salivary incubation test, chemical sensors, ammonia monitoring, ninhydrin test, the polymerase chain reaction can be used to detect the kind of bacteria that are causing bad breath, and by quantifying them it is possible to render an accurate treatment precisely.
» In fact, immediate and direct detections like organoleptic measurement, gas chromatography and portable sulfide monitor can be used for instant measurements.

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  • Is bad breath treatable?
    With proper diagnosis and oral hygiene therapies and precise treatment, it is possible to control and eradicate bad breath or halitosis completely.
  • Do systemic diseases also cause bad breath?
    Yes, chronic lung, liver, kidney, GERD or metabolic diseases, may lead to bad breath.

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