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Tek scan is a digital occlusal analysis that helps to analyse your occlusal stability and your individual teeth position. Proper occlusion is important to avoid joint problem and to improve the quality of life. Certainly, we don’t compromise in sparing your occlusion.


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Benefits Tek-Scan

» It helps to optimise the amount of force distributed on your teeth while biting and thereby protects the crowns, bridges and veneers from disharmony.
» It helps to ensure that implants are not loaded early and make sure your bone and implant are stable enough to hold the prosthesis.
» It helps to screen your biting position and occlusion from the baseline. It guides and monitors the bite throughout the treatment.
» It improves the efficiency of the procedure.
» It requires less time as it helps to minimise the errors from the initial phase of the process, and reduces the number of visits.


Uses Tek-Scan

» It helps to guide placing the dentures, crown, bridge and veneers. These prosthetics must be aligned to proper occlusion, in order to prevent the breakage and to distribute the force equally. Tek-scan can guide in all the process to attain precision.
» To helps to determine the cause for TMJ pain, TMJ disorder, bruxism and myofascial pain.
» During full mouth rehabilitation, where you need to replace your entire dentition, tek-scan plays a major role.
» It acts as a guide for planning and placing implants.
» If you have misaligned teeth, tek-scan ensures that no root resorption or TMJ damages have occurred.

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Procedure Tek-Scan
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» The tool is placed on the occlusal surface of the teeth. It is made to touch all the teeth of the occlusal surface.
» The Tscan will analyse the occlusal surface and the values are registered digitally. It is used to predict the occlusal harmony and the centric relations are determined.
» Identifying the occlusal relationship is very crucial in fabricating the prosthesis. Determining the centric occlusion and fabricating the prosthesis accordingly will help to distribute the biting force to all the tooth structure and hence, protect the TMJ joint from the undesirable forces.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

Visit One

  • » In day 1, Tek Scan helps to educate and analyse your dental condition, and upon your wish and comfort, the treatment may continue and finish off on the same day or in the next appointment.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Do I have to prepare myself especially for this treatment?
    This is a technique sensitive procedure; however, you can sit calm and composed during the process. It will not hinder any of your activities. You no need to do anything new, you can just sit comfortably on the dental chair.
  • What happens if my occlusal analysis is not proper?
    When your occlusal analysis is not proper, you tend to distribute the biting force unevenly. That will impact the TMJ and the teeth supporting structures like periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. By doing so, you may tend to lose the teeth and get joint pain unnecessarily
  • What is the balanced loading?
    While placing a prosthesis, it is important to minutely determine the centre of biting force and recreate the balanced distribution of the force to the overall tooth structure. If this technique is missed somewhere, then your prosthesis will not be stable.
  • Is it mandatory to get tek scan bite rehabilitation?
    In order to get the best dental prosthetic outcome, it is crucial to accept the highly advanced tek scan occlusal analysis technique.

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