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Facial Aesthetic treatments have the ability to provide dramatic benefits without surgery. Facial Aesthetics include Non Surgical cosmetic treatments designed to accentuate your features and enhance natural beauty. These treatments often entail the use of Botox or Fillers and are designed to soften expression lines and define facial contours, which rejuvenates and refreshes your natural skin.
Facial Aesthetics help in:
• Making skin appear healthier.
• Tightening wrinkled or drooping skin
• Fighting signs of ageing
• Creating symmetry on the face


Warranty Lifetime Money Back Warranty

With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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Botox FillersWhy

» The most popular cosmetic medical procedure is Botox®. Botox® is injected into the facial muscles but really doesn’t affect the muscle at all. Botulinum toxin affects and blocks the transmitters between the motor nerves that innervate the muscle.
» Botox® is a muscle relaxer.
» When that muscle does not contract, the dynamic motion that causes wrinkles in the skin will stop.
» The skin then starts to smooth out, and in approximately three to ten days after treatment, the skin above those muscles becomes nice and smooth.
» The effects of Botox® last for approximately four to six months, after which you may require re-treatment.


Facial Cosmetic TreatmentsProcedure

» Botox treatment is a non-invasive procedure for facial recontouring. Botox to treat the facial ageing gives an instant result without any pain and discomfort. Injecting botox on the wrinkled skin will prevent the over constriction of the muscles, giving an optimally younger look. Reduce signs of ageing.
» Botox is injected slowly in all the wrinkled skin.
» This procedure would enhance the natural glow of your skin.
» Facial Aesthetic treatments have the ability to target various muscles of the face and hence enhance the facial features. These treatments are usually performed with either Botox and Dermal Fillers or Both.
» Botox: Botox utilize purified botulinum toxins to help prevent and reduce signs of ageing on the face. Botox relaxes facial muscles that lead to lines and wrinkles.
» Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers are designed to rejuvenate the full, youthful appearance of the skin and bring it a natural glow. Giving your skin this boost helps reverse the signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, thin lips, and dark circles. One of the most trusted Dermal Fillers, is Juvederm.
» Juvederm is delivered from an extremely thin needle under the skin and can last 6 months to one year depending on the condition.

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Facial Cosmetic TreatmentsTechnology
Our Internationally trained team has 10+ years of experience in providing the best dental care.

» We only use bio-engineered hi-tech Botox filler for the cosmetic procedures. The material is highly biocompatible and will not cause any ill-effects to your skin or the body.

» We integrate highly advanced technology for analysing the facial anatomical structures. So as to render the treatment precisely. Knowing and understanding the facial anatomical landmarks are very important to deliver the perfect Botox treatment. We are the best place to pre-determine the facial appearance precisely and deliver the treatment promptly.

PlanningKnow about Your Treatment Visits

In stunning dentistry, we provide the best treatment in India in the shortest period of time. Facial cosmetic botox and filler treatment will certainly take a single visit to glow your skin. During the procedure, our specialist will inject the Botox under the wrinkled skin to make it stiff and glow. However, these are completely painless procedure.

Visit One

  • » Consultation and diagnosis
  • » Photoshoots
  • » In-depth analysis and Treatment plan
  • » Treatment discussion and confirmation
  • » Facial anatomical consideration
  • » Painless Botox and fillers injection
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Most Advanced dental technology from USA & Germany.
We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
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We work in collaboration with the best dental laboratories of the world.
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  • Are the botox and filler injections are safe?
    These injections are extremely safe and have been in use since more than 2 decades now. We at Stunning Dentistry care for you and make sure you receive the best in the world.
  • Does the injection hurt?
    Botox fillers are injected with the thinnest needle. You would not even feel the prick with our expertise.
  • How often do I have to take this treatment to maintain the same look?
    Ageing is an ongoing process, and cosmetic treatments will help you to mask that process. Frequency of the treatment depends from person to person, which is usually 6 months to 1 year.
  • Is there a certain age to get cosmetic treatments?
    There is no age limit for facial aesthetic procedures. It helps you enhance your natural beauty and reverse the ageing process.
  • Should I have to do anything before the procedure?
    Absolutely Not! This procedure does not require any pre preparations.

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