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Tooth extraction was the only option for damaged, decayed, infected or cavities-affected tooth even in the recent past. Bacterial infection in the tooth pulp exposed the dental nerves to the onslaught of bacteria causing sharp stinging pain. But the future seemed bright when Root Canal Treatment was devised as the most innovative surgery Relieving patients of an unbearable tooth ache.

In no time RCT emerged as a beneficial option for preserving teeth by cleansing teeth from deep within. It was a sigh of relief for root canal treatment dentist and patient alike because there was no need to lose teeth to cavities or decay.

Till date, it is adding to the count of happy smiling faces worldwide.

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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best in skill and technology, keeping them up to date, and monitoring quality through a series of systems- we know our work is unmatched. We are offering a lifetime moneyback warranty on all our treatments.

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Why Root Canal Treatment

Stunning Dentistry has the best Endodontist in South Delhi at its multispecialty dental hospital. Infrastructure and advanced dental equipments coupled with the best patients’ comfort make the Delhi-based clinic the best choice in root canal procedure at attractive price.

It has become the savior for the most infected tooth – this is the prime benefit of Root Canal Treatment.

Cure for permanent vital teeth
Cure for non-vital permanent teeth
Ensuring tooth longevity
Removes infection and kills pain
Prevents abscess


Procedure Root Canal Treatment

The dentist cleans the root canals, fill up the space with medicated temporary fillers until the teeth crown is placed on top of the teeth. There are varied types of dental crowns (or tooth cap) placed of cleaned and chiseled teeth:

Porcelain or ceramic crown Gold/ Silver Metal crown

Root canal Treatment cures infection. Infections can occur due to injury to the teeth, cracks, chips or long neglected cavity, which penetrates downward to infect the pulp (pulpitis) and nerve endings at the end of the root canal.

RCT is required when there is inflammation of the pulp, and in some cases death of the pulp making teeth non-vital.

The prime objective of RCT, an endodontic treatment, is to remove the bacteria-infected inflamed pulp tissue. The best root canal specialist employs the advanced RCT procedures to eliminate infection, reduce pain and save teeth over single or multiple RCT sitting.

Dentists of Stunning Dentistry take recourse to 3D X-ray photographs of the infected teeth to analyze the nature of the infection. X-rays help doctors to study endodontic health of supporting bones and tissues. The best endodontic equipments and gum anesthesia are used for the surgery.

Single sitting RCT has become highly popular because of the availability of advanced surgery procedures which speed up the process and make it painless.

TechnologyRoot Canal Treatment
Stunning Dentistry has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below

Laser-assisted root canal treatment:

We will provide beyond the expectational works with laser technology. Laser-assisted root canal treatment completely removes the debris from the canal. The laser can absolutely sterilise the root canal by killing all the pathogens that causing disease. There is no chance for root canal failure or recurrence of infection with the laser beam. It also helps to remove the infected pulp precisely, reduces bleeding and minimise the overall treatment time. Well-controlled laser beam protects the healthy tooth structure as we no need to remove the healthy portion of the tooth to gain access.

Microscope-assisted root canal treatment:

With our hi-standard endo motors, we precisely clean the canal. Microscopes help to visualise even the minute accessory canals and nullify the missed out canal issue. All the canals are accurately cleaned and shaped with the hi-tech microscopes. Backfilled obturation system helps to seal the canal without voids and eliminates the possibilities of microleakage. Overall, the most successful root canal treatment is well accomplished in our hospital.


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  • In stunning dentistry, you will get the best treatment in the shorter duration. Our endodontic specialist will present you with the best painless RCT in a single visit. You can certainly go home painlessly in a day.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Will I get a permanent solution from RCT?
    With our advanced technology, the RCT is highly successful in stunning dentistry. It is a one-time treatment and a lifetime solution
  • Do I get pain after RCT?
    Certainly, you will not get pain after RCT. In fact, the pain what you have got due to infection before the treatment will instantly go away after RCT
  • What is the advantage of using Laser-assisted RCT?
    The laser can completely sterilise the root canal and helps to clean the debris accurately. This enhances the success of root canal treatment more than 100%
  • When do I require RCT?
    In case if the microbial infection reaches the pulp or the tooth gets abraded till the pulp or in any case where the pulp gets exposed, RCT is required.

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