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One can even lose teeth due to gum or periodontal diseases. Prevention is better, but in case you have been diagnosed with gum diseases you can find a cure in advanced treatments at the clinic offering best gum treatment in Delhi.

Out of the common gum issues that deserve medical attention, receding gums need to be treated immediately by the finest gum treatment specialist.

You can avail the best care in complete removal of gum diseases and infections at state-of-the-art dental clinic, Stunning Dentistry.


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best in skill and technology, keeping them up to date, and monitoring quality through a series of systems- we know our work is unmatched. We are offering a lifetime moneyback warranty on all our treatments.

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Gum Treatment Types & Benifits

Stunning Dentistry has top-class periodontal health experts who have rich experience of removing gum infections and repair defects that have resulted from poor periodontal condition of the mouth.

The cost of gum receding treatment at Stunning Dentistry clinic is highly competitive. Latest technology employed for receding and infected gums treatments make surgical procedures most comfortable for patients.

Gum diseases treatment is a must because of the following beneficial aspects:

Remove current infections and checks future occurrences
Having healthy teeth and jaw bone
Reduction of risk of cross-contamination
Stop bone loss, ensuring teeth functionality and longevity
Improvement of oral aesthetics

Gum treatment doctors at dental clinic, Stunning Dentistry employ the best and the latest models of dental equipments for successful gum treatment procedures. 3D X-rays of gums and tooth and computerized analysis of oral health are among the highlights offering best possible outcome in gum treatment and care.


Procedure Gum Treatment

Bacterial infection in gums is always dangerous. Poor oral hygiene (improper cleaning of mouth after eating/ drinking and improper brushing) exposes gums to the most harmful germs.

There are many ways to keep dangerous gum infections and diseases at bay. Healthy periodontal treatment includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures:

Good oral cleaning
Cleaning and scaling of teeth to remove plaque and calculus
Antibiotics or anti-microbial medication
Flap surgery which removes calculus from deep seated pockets
Guided Tissue Regeneration surgery helps in regeneration of new bones and gum tissues

One of the most common symptoms of gum diseases is tender gums that bleed when you brush your teeth. Bleeding is just one among the many risks related to gum problems; there are many problems which silently makes you prone to infectious gum diseases like receding gums.

Receding gums, apparently seems harmless but can cause teeth sensitivity and bad breath. Receding gums leads to loosening of supporting gum tissues in the neighborhood of teeth, thereby creating a gap or pocket. Dentin which is the most sensitive part of teeth gets exposed leading to sensitive (towards air and cold water) teeth.

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TechnologyAdvance Technology
Stunning Dentistry has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below

Laser-assisted gum depigmentation

The laser is a recently evolved technique that shows an excellent result for depigmentation. Laser gum treatment is painless, no bleeding process, that can instantly give the lighter shades to your gums. Laser gum surgery is in fact, an effective and most comfortable procedure for decreasing gum pigmentation. There is no need for a periodontal dressing after this procedure, no post-operative swelling, thus you can confidently go for your work by carrying a broad smile on your face. Gum cleaning with lasers are in fact, have anti-microbial property, thus gives you additional protection.

Gum Treatment

Gum depigmentation with the lasers is absolutely an effective method. The depigmentation process with the lasers is long-lasting. You can certainly visualise an Instant reduction in the hyperpigmented gums. Laser-assisted gum depigmentation is a non-invasive procedure and you could see the best result out of it. We use hi-standard laser equipment, that is of international standards, which can deliver the laser beam more precisely and perfectly to the specific location. Your gums are highly secured with laser treatment.


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One Visit

  • Gum contouring with laser technology surprisingly takes a single visit to correct your gums. You shall happily go home with your enhanced aesthetics in one day.
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Frequently Asked Question
  • Will the pigmentation re-occur?
    In most instance, laser gum treatment is 100% successful. However, it is better for you to have regular follow-ups to determine recurrence as it is based on your body condition and reaction.
  • Is this will harm the gums?
    Certainly not. Laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure and it will not affect your um health. In fact, it helps to sterilise the gum tissue.
  • Do I have to make any special arrangements for taking this treatment?
    You no need to do any changes for undergoing this treatment. It is perfectly a single visit procedure, that is harmless and painless.
  • Can I take care of my oral hygiene as before after taking laser gum depigmentation?
    Absolutely you can continue your oral hygiene routine. For two to three days after the treatment, it is better to use the soft bristle brush for brushing. Also, you shall avoid hot and spicy food for three days. Otherwise, every other thing is the same.

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