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The tongue plays a key role in speech, mastication and deglutition, therefore the tongue reconstruction and rehabilitation not only provides satisfactory structural cosmetics, but also good restoration of function. Speech intelligibility is closely linked with the mobility of the remaining normal tongue, and swallowing capacity also has a strong relationship with the volume of the reconstructed tongue. Thus, tongue reconstruction provides both bulk and mobility and hence restores lost function.


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TongueReconstruction Surgery

» The reconstruction surgery will promptly bring back the lost tissues.
» The overall oral functionality would incredibly increase with tongue reconstruction.
» This in turn helps in swallowing and restores speech as well.


Tongue Reconstruction Procedure

» There are various techniques available to reconstruct the tongue defects.
» When the tongue defect is small, primary closure or secondary intention is mainly used for reconstruction.
» If there is a large defect after tongue resection, locoregional pedicled, or free flaps are necessary to restore the volume of the tongue.

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Tongue ReconstructionTechnology
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Tongue Rebuilding Procedure in India

» 3D Computed tomography helps to analyse the associated structures and predict the treatment more precisely. It provides real-time feedback and the ability to perform intraoperative procedures precisely. The sensitivity, specificity and the resolution are superior to other scanning modalities.

» It provides a perfect reference to all the facial bone structure including the skull correlation. It is a valuable tool for maxillofacial reconstruction. It provides valuable information, that in turn, reduces the intraoral surgical time.

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  • How long will it take to recover after Tongue reconstruction surgery?
    The recovery process will be steady. Within a week, you would be able to start with your normal oral activities.
  • Will the reconstruction surgery restrict my oral movements?
    Reconstruction surgery will help to improve your oral function and activities. You will have better functionality after this procedure.
  • Who needs reconstruction surgery?
    In case, if you have a oral tumour or cancer, involving the tongue or jawbones, the involved structures are removed surgically. You may need this reconstruction surgery in that case.
  • Will I be able to eat after tongue reconstruction surgery?
    You may have a certain level of restrictions in your oral movements as compared to the normal person but yes you would definitely be able to eat and swallow better than before.

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