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The digital orthodontic treatment helps to visually analyse the teeth structure, bone thickness and soft tissue relations. This digital orthodontic dentistry helps to perfectly plan for the treatment and certainly does not allow the space for any human-errors. With digital orthodontic treatment, we can certainly resolve your problems in a much shorter duration. Orthodontic treatment can be done with the following:-
» Metal Braces
» Ceramic Braces (Tooth Colored Braces)
» Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)
» Damon Braces
» Incognito Braces
» Invisalign or Clear Aligners


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With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best dental technology; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental treatments.

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OrthodonticAdvanced Treatment Modality

Orthodontic treatment is all about connecting the harmony between your hard and soft tissue. Cephalogram helps to compare the soft tissue and hard tissue growth and precisely determines pre-orthodontic planning. It compares the skull and the jawbones, and its corresponding soft tissues, to bring up the perfect treatment plan for the braces. It acts as a guide for mock-tests and certainly, eliminates errors. Without delay, we can execute the treatment and give you the most beautiful smile.

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» DAMON BRACES- These are self ligating appliances used to correct malocclusion in the dentition. It uses a slide mechanism that attaches wires to the brackets to move more naturally with the teeth as they realign. They are more comfortable, better looking and deliver quicker results. These braces use a MEMORY WIRE which connects slide brackets without pressure produced by traditional elastics. The force used in this process is lesser than the traditional braces. The clear Damon Brackets are an esthetic option being virtually invisible except for the visible wire which is metal.
» INCOGNITO BRACES- This is a customized orthodontic method to treat dental malalignment. These brackets are custom fit to patient’s mouth. These are cast in gold rather than stainless steel. These are placed lingually. They are also known as the inside braces based on their location. They are uncomfortable to the tongue. Oral hygiene practice needs to be modified. Eating and speech gets different during the treatment.
» LINGUAL BRACES- These are the traditional metal brackets with the difference in their position. These are placed on the inside of the teeth and hence are virtually invisible. The esthetic advantage makes them more popular among the adults.It is advised in patients who do not have excessive bite problems and have sufficient teeth height to allow its placement. Unlike traditional braces, you can continue playing your favourite sport and the wind instrument during the treatment. The oral hygiene needs special attention.

» METAL BRACES- This is the traditional orthodontic treatment option and is the most widely accepted. These are made of stainless steel and at times used in combination with titanium. It involves the placement of metallic brackets on the facial and buccal surface of your teeth. These brackets are then connected by a wire which is held in place by using elastics. The regular application of force by the dentist allows the movement of the dentition in the desired position. These can be used to correct crowding, spaces and bite related problems and provide a better smile along with healthy set of teeth.
» CERAMIC BRACES- This is an esthetic substitute to the traditional brackets for conscious patients. These include tooth colored brackets placed on the facial or buccal surface of the tooth. The intermittent application of force using the wire and elastics results in better alignment of the teeth and correction of other dental discrepancies. This may be accompanied with various other procedures to create space to allow the tooth movement. Their tendency to get stained needs thorough oral hygiene maintenance. These are considered to allow quicker movements when compared to aligners.


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  • » Treatment plan, discussion and confirmation

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  • » Teeth alignment with braces

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  • Does rapid orthodontic tooth movement technique affect the quality of my gums?
    We plan the accelerated tooth movement precisely with our recent digital orthodontic technique. This can precisely determine the amount of force that is required to move the tooth without affecting the gum quality.

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