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cosmetic dentistry

Invisalign – A Safe and Proven Teeth Aligning Treatment

Orthodontic teeth treatment is an essential requirement today. We all know that a good, perfectly aligned smile is nothing short of social status. At the same time, perfectly arranged teeth can do wonders for your oral health as well. But wearing those bulky and painful braces for months on a stretch is not exactly everybody’s choice for esthetic enhancement. To…

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The Digital 3D Smile Designing for You

Each one of us desires a beautiful smile that would enhance our facial features and complement our personality. The way to that dream smile is definitely through cosmetic dental treatment. But what if you could visualise the final smile before the treatment even begins? Or if you could tweak up and modify the outcome according to your requirements or further…

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Cosmetic Dentistry can keep Your Smile Alive and Healthy

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental sciences that is fast becoming the most popular form of dental treatment. After all, we all desire that picture-perfect smile with dazzling white, sturdy teeth. Now, thanks to technological advancements, we can say goodbye to those bulky metal crowns, unappealing smiles and social awkwardness. Read on to know more about how Cosmetic Dentistry…

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Invisalign and Straight Teeth Are Not Just For Celebrities

Have you ever looked across celebrity photos and wondered the secret behind / drooled over their perfectly straight, aligned and beautiful teeth? Many celebrities are known to have undergone extensive orthodontic treatment before their rise to fame; while others choose a more convenient, smarter and modern route of invisible braces. Invisalign- a revolution in the world of orthodontic treatment is…

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Types of Tooth Cracks and Their Treatment

A crack in the tooth can be an unwelcome and sometimes painful experience. Our tooth may crack due to a physical injury, or chewing down hard food substances; It may even fracture due to our deleterious habits such as night clenching and grinding or just simply from ageing or a previous Root canal treatment. Worried about a similar crack in…

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Tooth Grinding and Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedures. After all, they can truly transform one’s smile and appearance. Notwithstanding these superior results, veneers are not a suitable choice for every seeker of esthetic smile and one such category is people with Bruxism or nighttime grinding. The combination has turned out to be a big no as bruxism…

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