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Various ways by which Cosmetic Dentistry improves your oral health

Cosmetic Dentistry is a powerful field to achieve an impeccable smile and lifetime confidence. The visual appeal of Dental cosmetics is so strong that seldom do we tend to ignore the health benefits that come alongside it. Various cosmetic dental procedures play a big role in improving our oral health. Wondering how veneers, teeth whitening or straighter teeth will make your oral cavity healthy? Read on to know the secret.

Porcelain restorations

The most esthetic and rapid solution for a beautiful smile is a porcelain restoration. Ceramic natural-looking crowns, Onlays, bridges can correct chipped, broken or decayed teeth in a single sitting. They can also resolve minor alignment issues and act as a strong, durable covering of your teeth. These restorations, therefore, serve the dual purpose of visual enhancement and reinforcing your tooth’s structure. The oral cavity, therefore, has a healthy environment devoid of any tooth infections.

Gum Reshaping/Countering

Often, excessive Gum tissue, especially on our front teeth gives an illusion of short teeth, known as a gummy smile. The appearance is transformed with a simple, painless gum countering procedure to remove the excess tissue and reveal a fuller, brighter smile. The procedure is performed through sterile LASER technology yielding safe and lifelong results. This procedure will also promote your gum health by reducing the risk of gum disease from the overexposed gums. Your brushing and flossing will be enhanced, easier and more effective.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures these days is to whiten your discoloured or stained teeth. The procedure can also enhance your tooth’s natural colour by several shades with dramatically bright and clean teeth in under a single sitting.

Philip’s ZOOM Whitening is a professional whitening procedure opted by millions to achieve a celebrity-like smile with the world’s most advanced whitening technology. The procedure involves initial clean-up with total removal of plaque, tartar and food debris from each tooth, in turn removing any source of infection from the gums and mouth. Furthermore, researchers have highlighted that when we admire our smile, we tend to be more diligent about maintaining those pearly whites and hence perform proper oral hygiene procedures every day with greater zeal.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of high-yield ceramic that have high translucency and strength. These Veneers fit as a ‘cap’ over our crooked, chipped or deeply stained teeth to modify our smile. They can cover small spacing; reshape and tweak up our teeth to create a balanced, natural-looking smile. By covering-up, a broken tooth or small gaps, these veneers help remove the potential source of food lodgement and eventual tartar build-up.

Straight Teeth

The most sought-after dental procedure amongst teens and young adults is to get a smile-makeover by getting the improperly aligned or crowded teeth straightened via an orthodontic device. Invisalign is a one-of-its-kind orthodontic aligner that promises a straighter, more uniform smile but discretely and comfortably. The results are exceptional and have prompted thousands to take this route for a confident, picture-perfect smile. However, these perfectly aligned teeth can now be properly cleaned and flossed without any difficulty; this drastically reduces your chances of periodontal disease or dental caries. Crooked teeth create spaces where food gets stuck, allowing bacteria to multiply, and unhindered leading to swollen gums.

Similarly, misaligned teeth are more susceptible to cracking, chipping or breaking during sport-related or accidental trauma. Straight teeth will prevent such trauma or excessive wear.


Dental Cosmetics has the potential to transform not only the visual aspect but also the health of our mouth. This dual functionality makes it a great option to be explored by those looking for health and esthetics for their oral cavity. After all, our teeth should look and feel strong at the same time.