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Invisalign – A Safe and Proven Teeth Aligning Treatment

Orthodontic teeth treatment is an essential requirement today. We all know that a good, perfectly aligned smile is nothing short of social status. At the same time, perfectly arranged teeth can do wonders for your oral health as well. But wearing those bulky and painful braces for months on a stretch is not exactly everybody’s choice for esthetic enhancement. To alleviate such troubles a revolutionary technology has been launched – Invisalign aligners. Invisalign is a perfectly comfortable and discrete option to correct your misaligned teeth, all the while having the freedom to eat whatever you want. Learn more about this popular technology below.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modification of conventional braces in the form of custom-fabricated and clear set aligners. The trays are made from a unique blend of plastic that is strong enough to slowly move and align your teeth but is comfortable and discreet at the same time. Invisalign is made specifically of SmartTrack material that provides predictable solutions in as early as six months. The overall treatment will comprise several different trays, replaced every few weeks to adjust around and precisely shift your set of teeth.

Why is Invisalign opted by millions?

Since its launch, Invisalign has transformed the orthodontic scene, with many professionals, adults and teens opting for it to attain a beautiful, confident smile with perfectly aligned teeth. After all, the benefit it offers sets it class-apart:

Software-backed tooth movements:

Invisalign treatment is assured and strengthened by software and algorithm readings like ClinCheck or iTero that help your dentist to plan, calculate and map out the treatment from the first shift to the brand-new smile.


These aligners can be easily removed and inserted while brushing or cleaning and are devoid of any wires to ensure that you have your regular lifestyle without any hassles of traditional wired braces.

Fast and Invisible:

Invisalign is the most convenient aligner available as it is virtually invisible and starts showing dramatic changes within weeks.

Powerful Choice:

This innovative aligner uses the SmartTrack material designed to make complex tooth movements possible without any need for wired braces.

Predictable results :

Utilising data from hundreds of patients, Invisalign straightens out the teeth with 75% more predictability.
Minimal Maintenance:

These aligners require least in terms of after-care. They are supplemented with an Invisalign cleaning system to maintain hygiene.

A safe choice for all age groups

For Young Children
  • Digital Hassel-free Impressions means more acceptance and comfort for the child.
  • Invisalign is made from SmartTrack material. It ensures comfort and minimal pain when compared with conventional braces.
  • InvisalignFirst can shape simply too complex smiles in small-growing children and teens from crowding, spacing to small dental arches.
For Teens
  • The Aligners are highly convenient and easily removable while eating, playing sports, or on any occasion.
  • Discrete, clear aligners are virtually invisible, making them hard to detect.
  • Invisalign is customised to each individual with 3D Visual Interface, giving a perfect, snug fit.
For Adults
  • Affordable Payment solutions make it easier to pay for the young working adult.
  • iTero Element allows easy pre-hand visualisation of your transformed smile using 3D images.
  • Gentle forces from SmartForce Attachments accelerate the treatment process.
The Baseline

Invisalign has delivered predictable and timely results to many young adults, catering to a diverse range of oro-dental abnormalities. It is the most advanced orthodontic solution with proven results. The convenience provided by Invisalign has prompted many apprehensive individuals to give a shot at this new-age solution. You too, can get your hands on this affordable solution and achieve the smile-makeover you always desired.