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What causes dental cavities and tooth pain?

Dental cavities also known as dental caries are the holes or perforations formed on the hard surface of the tooth. It is irreversible and the lost layers of teeth cannot be formed again. There is no significance of the factors such as gender or age to determine the occurrence of this condition. It is not possible to discover caries on your own, so do visit the best dentist in India to examine your oral cavity and determine your treatment plan.

Causes of Dental Cavities:

The exact cause of dental caries is unknown up to date but there are a few factors that influence the formation or progression of dental caries. They are:

Poor oral hygiene: It is important to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid caries. Brushing and flossing the teeth daily helps in removing plaque attached to the surface of the teeth, which is considered an important factor in causing cavities.

Bacteria: Your mouth is a habitat for a lot of microorganisms. So the bacteria will be present on the surface of the teeth. When the bacteria interact with the foods, they can secrete acids which can cause decay of the top layer of the tooth.

Diet: Sticky foods such as sugars, licorice or gums are difficult to remove as they stick to the surface of the teeth long enough to cause tooth decay. If these foods cannot be avoided, then rinsing your mouth soon after consumption of such foods or beverages is recommended.

Dry mouth: Saliva helps in the removal of plaque and cleans the surface of the teeth. A dry mouth can cause dental caries as the food stays on the surface of the tooth long enough for the formation of caries.

When dental caries are not treated initially, they can penetrate deeper layers of the tooth to cause severe pain and swelling. So, we advise you to visit the best dental clinic in Delhi, having advanced equipment to determine your dental condition. Other risk factors helps in the progression of dental caries:

Location of the teeth: The teeth which are located at the corners of the mouth are difficult to clean and are at risk of decaying.

Frequency of food intake: Frequent intake of sugars or acidic beverages can result in more production of acids on the surface of the tooth and aids in tooth decay.

Worn Out dental fillings: They do not give complete protection to the exposed layer of the tooth which can lead to the progression of caries.
Fluoride deficiency: Fluoride helps in the prevention of caries. So, lack of fluoride in water can lead to caries.

Chronic diseases: Conditions such as GERD can cause stomach acid to flow back into the mouth, causing enamel wear.

Also, other conditions such as diabetes can cause dry mouth which again leads to dental caries. We recommend you visit the best dental clinic in India, which has experienced specialists for all your dental needs.