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5 reasons why you should not delay your root canal treatment

The root canal is an endodontic treatment that is necessary to save the tooth that is abscessed or infected by the bacteria that invade the pulp inside the tooth. The process involves the removal of inflamed pulp, cleaning & disinfection of root canals, and sealing the root canals with a filling material to prevent the entry of bacteria. Visit the best endodontist in India to know the complete details regarding root canal treatment.

The Root canal treatment in India is performed if symptoms such as severe toothache which radiate to the jaw or adjacent teeth, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages, swollen or tender gums due to the collected pus in the infected area, tooth discoloration which occurs as a result of poor blood supply to the infected tooth.

The endodontic procedure should not be delayed because:-

If affected teeth are left ignored, they won’t get healed. In some patients, pain may reduce after a few days giving a false indication of getting better. But in reality, the infection extends to nerve endings, leading to further destruction of the complete structure of the tooth along with the underlying bone.

It prevents the infection from spreading to the adjacent teeth. If neglected, the infection escalates which can enter the bloodstream and result in a dangerous health condition called septicemia, which spreads the infection throughout the body or life-threatening strokes. In case of doubt, visit the best dentist in India to get a complete oral checkup and get your customized treatment plan.

The infected tooth is quite painful which only makes it worse with time. It affects the jaw, gums as well as face by forming small pus-filled abscesses. The source of the infection is removed during the procedure, obtaining immediate tooth pain relief following the treatment. The root canal is considered an effective and safe procedure with a tremendous success rate.

The more you delay getting the treatment, the more complicated it becomes. The tooth can get more infected which might result in loss of the entire tooth. Getting the procedure done is the best way to save natural teeth and eliminate the need for tooth extraction.

Despite the pain, nerves inside the infected tooth die eventually which causes the discoloration of the tooth and makes it harder to remove the nerve within the infected pulp. As a result, the infection will continue to spread and affect the surrounding structures in the oral cavity. It can sometimes form cysts or other structures inside the jawbone which can lead to serious oral health problems. We recommend you visit the best dental clinic in Delhi which is a single solution to all your dental needs.

FAQs about Root Canal Treatment:-

1. Is root canal treatment better than extraction?
Yes, getting a root canal treatment is better as it preserves the natural teeth. Extraction is only advised in the cases of severely damaged or infected tooth where root canal treatment is impossible.

2. Can I wait 3 months for root canal treatment?
No. The longer you neglect, the severity of the infection of the tooth increases. The infection can gradually reach the layers of the tooth to the underlying bone and can cause bone loss. Such bone loss cases cannot be treated by root canal treatment and need an extraction.

3. Does the root canal weaken the tooth?
No, getting a root canal treatment does not affect the structural integrity of a healthy tooth as it affects the older tooth. It helps in preserving the natural tooth which is stronger and harder than the artificial tooth.