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Some Common Signs that you may need a Root Canal Treatment

When the decay reaches the tooth’s pulp and the root, the pulp becomes inflamed and may become necrotic. It is important to clean this decay. A root canal procedure is done in order to clean this decay. There are a few warning signs that may indicate the requirement of a root canal treatment but the dentist is the best person to decide whether the root canal treatment is required or not. The dentist extensively practices microscopic RCT and single sitting RCT in Delhi. Some common signs indicating the need for root canal treatment are described below.

microscopic rct

Continuous Pain

Pain is one of the main indications that there is extensive decay that may have reached the tooth structure. Even eating and drinking may trigger pain. It is important to visit the dentist to evaluate the situation and decide whether RCT is required or not.

Cracked tooth

Eating hard food or an accident may sometimes lead to cracking or chipping of the tooth. Due to this, the nerve may get exposed and lead to infection. There are chances of infection entering the bloodstream and hence, to prevent further damage, root canal treatment is required.


Sensitivity is a very common indication of root canal treatment. The patient experience toothache while drinking hot tea or coffee. In some cases, cold drinks and foods may also cause sensitivity. This may be due to damaged blood vessels and may require root canal to cure it.

Swollen Gums

If the patient is having swollen gums near a painful tooth, there might be chances of infection beneath the surface. There may be the development of boil from which pus may ooze out. On examination, the dentist will decide the cause of inflammation and may go for the root canal of the tooth.


A pulp infection may lead to discoloration of the tooth. Sometimes, trauma to the tooth may give a grayish-black appearance. This is more common with the anterior teeth. The tooth pulp tends to die when there is an insufficient blood supply and in such cases, a root canal is the choice of treatment.

Deep Decay

If a cavity is neglected at an initial stage, it may deepen and damage the root structure. No amount of brushing and flossing can reverse the process. The nerves get exposed and the root canal treatment becomes a must. So, it is always recommended to treat a cavity at an initial stage.

root canal treatment

Tooth infection may cause excruciating pain and discomfort. If the patient feels any of the above-mentioned symptoms, a visit to the dentist should be scheduled immediately before the condition gets worse.