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Anti aging dentistry

Age is just a number and this number can be dodged for as long as you wish. Telling someone they look much younger than their actual age is the best compliment one can get. In this era of looks and impression, one wants to leave a mark, and smile is the best tool to achieve it. Anti aging dentistry includes the non-surgical procedures to make you look younger just by changing few things in your smile.

The lower third of your face has a remarkable role to play in the aging features. The teeth and jaw collectively support the soft tissues to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The wrinkles around the nose and mouth are signs of aging which develop due to the degradation of collagen and collapse of bite due to loss of tooth and structure. In some patients the loss of bite due to wear or parafunctional habits, discoloring (basically yellow) of teeth, shape, and size of the teeth which is not in their ideal proportion makes them look greater than their actual age.

The correction of the following concerns using veneers, crowns, and implants is part of the anti aging dentistry. Restoring the lost height of the teeth due to wear with crowns reduces the age of the patient by 5 to 10 years. This restoration needs to be in resonance with the muscles and joints to maintain the overall health of the stomatognathic system along with the esthetics. The need to get injected with substances to correct the wrinkles appearing around the nose and mouth is eliminated.

Dental veneers are placed to maintain the teeth proportion, correct the shape and shade of the teeth, and enhance the features of the teeth to result in better esthetics. The resultant smile is more vibrant and makes the patient look much younger than their age. The designing of the veneers also considers the amount of black area appearing in patient’s smile. This area needs to be maintained to provide a depth to the smile. It may be combined with orthodontic treatment as well depending on the case.

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth for the patient as they result in collapsed bite and producing signs of early aging. The implants are then loaded with crowns and bridges to restore the lost bite providing the support to the overlying soft tissues, thereby correcting the signs of aging.

A simple treatment method like teeth whitening can rejuvenate the smile of a patient. The lighter the shade of your teeth, the younger the appearance. Dark or yellow color of the tooth is a sign of aging indicating the loss of tooth structure due to wear and tear. It may be a result of habits as well. A whiter smile radiates a beam of confidence and youthfulness making the patient appear younger.

The anti aging dentistry focuses on the lower third of your face especially the smile and maintains it to prevent early signs of aging. The need to undergo surgeries for the correction of these esthetic issues is completely eliminated. The temporary masking of the aging features using the injections is omitted as well. Before taking a plunge for surgeries related to signs of aging, consult your cosmetologist for customized and personalized treatment plan as the anti-aging dentistry is not a template form of treatment for all patients. Every individual needs a different treatment.