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The Benefits of Using LASERs to Treat Gum Disease

Many of us are guilty of improper and quick oral hygiene routines. Although this negligent routine may work for some part of the population, a portion can suffer the consequences in the form of gum disease.

Gum Disease or periodontitis is one of the most common oral concerns of our contemporary society. The disease is, however, stoppable and the damage can be prevented by way of early-stage non-surgical and Late-stage surgical techniques. Beyond all these measures, Technology has brought along a better, less invasive, and swift alternative to LASER gum treatments. Fascinated? continue reading for more information on his.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a form of gum infection that happens after poor oral health maintenance. There is a collection of food debris with the subsequent plaque and calculus formation around and below the gum line. Now, this plaque and calculus can only be removed with aid of professional oral cleaning. But when we continue to ignore this build-up, the infection progresses, leading to irritation and inflammation of gums. The result – bleeding, swollen, and painful gums with progressive loss of underlying bone and loosening of teeth.

The early stage of this disease is called Gingivitis. It can be corrected and halted by a simple Scaling and Root Planing procedure, wherein your hygienist removes the hazardous build-up around and below the gum line. But in more advanced periodontitis, surgical procedures are recommended for effective removal of infected tissue and germs. These procedures, although are very effective but might seem painful, invasive, and inconvenient.

LASER in Gum Disease

The emergence of LASERs in Periodontics has proven revolutionary to the treatment of gum diseases. It’s a superior technique in which very thin LASER fibre is used to clear away the diseased, damaged tissue and disinfect the teeth roots. The process is painless, blood-free, and less damaging to the gum tissues.

Once the gums are clean, a water-pulsing scaler is used to clear away the debris. The LASER is then reintroduced to deeply clean the gum pockets and eliminate the germs.

LASER will stimulate the formation of a blood clot that speeds up the healing process. It will promote gum-reattachment and early return to routine activities. All this, without the need of any tissue tears or stitches.

Benefits of using LASERs

No Discomfort: LASERs bypass the need of cutting into the gum tissues and hence, no need for stitches. The process is considered far less painful in comparison to traditional periodontal surgery and eliminates the need for general anaesthesia.

Faster healing: LASERs are sophisticated devices that shorten the healing time considerably. There is minimal tissue invasion and the least tissue damage. Thus, the swelling and pain are also less. Many patients opt to return to work within few hours of the procedure.

Minimal dietary restrictions: Most patients are healthy enough to enjoy any food after the procedure, against stringent dietary restrictions in conventional surgery.

Preserved Gum tissue: LASERs are build to target only the diseased tissue. Thereby, the healthy gum tissue is spared, which leads to the least gum recession.

In Nutshell

LASER-assisted gum surgeries are the latest method to treat gum diseases. These futuristic tools will remove the infected tissue in a bloodless, painless and suture-free way. With LASERs, you are assured healthy, disease-free gums in a short duration without any discomfort. No wonder these tools are inspiring every apprehensive individual to give periodontal treatment a shot and regain gum health in the most comfortable way ever possible.