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Innovative Solutions to Straighten your Teeth

In this era of photoshops and filters, most of us are not satisfied with our looks, so we always tend to find solutions that would offer transformation and enhanced confidence. The same stands true for our smile as well. Although orthodontic braces are a sure-shot way to straighten up those teeth, these conventional metallic braces are sometimes not a feasible alternative. Many patients find them highly uncomfortable and are conscious of the wires showing when they talk or smile. Since these full metallic braces are not everyone’s cup of tea, below, we offer you a range of innovative solutions you can opt for achieving a perfect teeth alignment, depending on your case.


These are removable dental devices with the primary function of maintaining the teeth at their corrected position after the treatment completion. These, however, can be used to correct slightly crooked teeth or minor overcrowding. Hence for minor tooth movement or small adjustments, a fixed retainer is a great alternative to full-fledged braces. They are far less expensive and easier to maintain than conventional braces.

Lingual Braces

They are similar to metallic braces in shape and function, except that they are attached to the inner side of your teeth rather than outside, so they are not easily visible. The entire appliance is customised to suit the shape of your teeth. A great option for someone looking for medium budget orthodontic braces. However, bear in mind that these braces are much harder to clean due to their back position and may elicit some discomfort initially due to tongue interference.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are an innovative technique to gradually straighten out your teeth and enhance your smile by using various sets of clear aligners. These aligners are removable and are effectively much more comfortable than the conventional metallic braces. Invisalign aligners are the latest trend in orthodontics that allows you to maintain your lifestyle while invisibly correcting your smile. Invisalign has turned out to be the most convenient and popular alternative to metallic braces when it comes to teenagers and tweens for teeth straightening. The comfort and ease of these aligners are unmatched and thereby most suitable for active individuals, professionals, students or working adults.

Partial braces

Partial Braces are a variation of traditional braces which cover only a few upper or lower front teeth. The brackets are present only on four to six front teeth, with the archwires held in place via molar tubes placed on posterior teeth. They are highly useful to treat minor orthodontic concerns where only a few teeth are out of alignment or crowded. Such isolated issues respond dramatically to short-term partial braces.


Ceramic Veneer is another effective alternative over braces. These are thin-shelled porcelain made from materials that have high-grade strength and translucency. These veneers can quickly cover up minor gaps, cracked, chipped or slightly crooked teeth to reveal perfectly aligned and natural-looking teeth. The ability of these veneers to provide immediate and permanent results makes them an ideal choice for mildly misshapen or gapped teeth

The Outlook

Straightening your teeth is the best route to improvise your look and boost your confidence. Given our different needs and lifestyles, traditional metallic braces are not the best choice for everybody, but these new-age orthodontic devices and tools ensure that we achieve that flawless, dream smile. Invisalign aligners and dental veneers are a must-try option if you desire discrete or instant results. Similarly, partial/ lingual braces and retainers are a suitable alternative if you have minor corrective issues. That said, these alternatives cannot correct every teeth or jaw alignment issue and hence, you must consult your orthodontist regarding your requirements to attain an ideal treatment plan.