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Tag: aligners

Can an overbite be corrected by Invisalign?

Overbite or buck teeth is a condition where there is malalignment of the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth. There will be an increased vertical growth leading to protruding of upper teeth overlapping lower teeth. It is normal to have this type of alignment to a minor degree which is not considered malocclusion. If you are doubtful, visit…

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Invisible Teeth Aligners in India

Dental aligners are a quick and effective dental solution to bring teeth in place for that beautiful smile profile. Apart from being the latest trend, aligners are a rather quick fix for most teeth corrections in comparison to orthodontic braces. These clear, plastic trays are safe to use as they are made from multi-layered polyurethane and are BPA-free. It involves…

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Innovative Solutions to Straighten your Teeth

In this era of photoshops and filters, most of us are not satisfied with our looks, so we always tend to find solutions that would offer transformation and enhanced confidence. The same stands true for our smile as well. Although orthodontic braces are a sure-shot way to straighten up those teeth, these conventional metallic braces are sometimes not a feasible…

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