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Invisible Teeth Aligners in India

Dental aligners are a quick and effective dental solution to bring teeth in place for that beautiful smile profile. Apart from being the latest trend, aligners are a rather quick fix for most teeth corrections in comparison to orthodontic braces. These clear, plastic trays are safe to use as they are made from multi-layered polyurethane and are BPA-free. It involves the use of a transparent custom-made plastic casing over both your upper and lower jaw teeth that facilitates the treatment process. Moreover, it also doesn’t affect your physical appearance in terms of visibility as it is a clear treatment modality, so you can still slay at your public and professional gatherings with confidence while having the trays in place.

Invisible teeth aligners can correct many of the discrepancies in the oral cavity. It is mainly used to correct the following malocclusions or misaligned teeth positions:

• Overbite (upper teeth pushed too forward compared to lower teeth)
• Underbite (upper teeth pushed behind lower teeth)
• Deep-bite (upper teeth covering lower teeth excessively)
• Open-bite (space between upper teeth and lower teeth)
• Teeth crowding
• Diastema (spacing between the anterior teeth segment)

The principle behind dental aligner treatment is that the appliance utilizes a predetermined minimal strain to align teeth. A certain set of numbered aligners are given to each patient so that they can move on to the subsequent set once the desired teeth movement is achieved with the given set.


Aligner treatment involves a personalized initial screening of teeth structure and position to estimate treatment time and process. This is carried out using a 3D oral simulator that captures multiple images of your tooth structure and compiles them together to give you a bird’s eye view of the whole treatment process. In certain cases, interproximal stripping is done to create space for the teeth, and attachments are placed to enable complex teeth movements as per the treatment protocol at the clinical setup. Once the treatment process is explained by the clinician, an estimated set of aligners are sent out to the patient. Aligners need to be worn for about 20 to 22 hours for optimal results. Once all the sets of aligners are done, a retainer appliance is provided to lock in the desired result and ensure the teeth have adapted to the induced positioning.

Perks of using aligners:

• Clinic visits – No clinic visits are required once the aligners are in use as you can follow up for online consultations to see the progress of the teeth movement.
• Speech – There is no difficulty in speech while using aligners as compared to conventional braces which have archwires and brackets that might cause frequent tear of skin on the opposing side and subsequent pain or bleeding.
• Removable appliance- This appliance is removable and should be taken off during meals. You can brush your teeth after removing the trays and also clean them separately unlike the hassle of cleaning teeth with orthodontic braces on. This adds to the dental hygiene factor by so much.
• No diet restrictions- You don’t need to restrict your food preferences during the treatment period as they are removable trays.
• Painless- It does not cause intense pain as experienced by patients undergoing braces treatment as aligners are based on minimal pressure and make it a much more comfortable alternative for treatment.
• Time period for treatment – Dental aligners drastically cuts short effective treatment time and give great results in as short as 3 to 8 months depending on the degree of teeth misalignment.

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