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Can an overbite be corrected by Invisalign?

Overbite or buck teeth is a condition where there is malalignment of the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth. There will be an increased vertical growth leading to protruding of upper teeth overlapping lower teeth. It is normal to have this type of alignment to a minor degree which is not considered malocclusion. If you are doubtful, visit the best dentist in India to rule out your oral condition and get the best treatment plan.

Why is it important to know about Overbite?

Overbite itself is not a major dental problem, hence many people tend to ignore it. But it can be a root cause for many other dental conditions like gum diseases, difficulty in breathing and chewing, speech difficulties, pain including temporomandibular joint, and most importantly cavities. The most embarrassing part is being uncomfortable talking or even smiling which can hinder your confidence and speaking in public.

What causes overbite in the first place?

Overbite in India is usually mistaken to be only genetic, but it’s not true. It can occur due to genetics as some traits like jaw line, alignment, etc can contribute to Overbite. Besides genetics, there are some other mistakes that we make that cause overbite.

● Nail biting
● Using pacifiers even after 3 years of age
● Tongue thrusting
● Thumb sucking
● Grinding teeth

How does Invisalign help in the treatment of overbite?

Invisalign is a clean teeth aligner that is transparent, removable, and comfortable compared to traditional metal braces. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is made using BPA plastic, which is customized using x-rays and a 3d model of teeth, a personalized treatment plan for malaligned teeth.

Invisalign helps the buck teeth in both children and adults to get into normal places gradually over time. It requires fewer visits than the traditional metal braces where there is a need for frequent changes in aligned wires of braces. But with Invisalign in India, the treatment time is often shorter with fewer checkups.

Other ways to treat overbite?

Overbites can be treated in different ways. If overbite occurs during childhood, growth spurts are still present in children which helps in further growth of the palate. Jaw bone and teeth also develop further hence giving treatment early can help children to give a perfect alignment with no evidence of overbite. Treatment plans for children with overbite are as follows.

➢ Usage of special equipment like palate expanders which gives space for teeth to grow
➢ Usage of braces for realigning the affected teeth by an overbite
➢ Removal of primary teeth growing in the wrong way giving room for permanent teeth
➢ Using retainers for maintaining the alignment

If overbite occurs in adulthood, it’s not too late to get treatment for overbite. There are some treatments available for overbite. These treatment plans are as follows.

➢ Usage of Metal braces for alignment of teeth that are affected by an overbite
➢ Surgical procedures for correcting deformities in the jaw
➢ Removal of additional teeth for allowing remaining teeth for a perfect alignment

Visit the best orthodontist in India to know more about overbite and get a customized treatment plan based on your oral condition.


1. What is the success rate of Invisalign?
The success rate of the Invisalign treatment is 96% among the patients who underwent complete treatment procedures.

2. Is Invisalign permanent?
Yes, Invisalign is an advanced procedure that is designed to permanently fix all the malocclusions of the teeth. But the results always depend on your oral habits; in the case of paranormal oral habits, the teeth may reshuffle to their original places before treatment.

3. Can I sleep with Invisalign?
Yes, you can sleep with Invisalign. In case of severe malocclusion, your dentist advises you to wear an Invisalign for 22 hours a day for better results.