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Tag: Invisalign

How to straighten your teeth without braces?

Malpositioning of a single tooth or multiple teeth from their place or malalignment of a tooth that disturbs the bite of the person on one or both sides is considered malocclusion. Malocclusion is usually treated using traditional orthodontic braces (either metal or ceramic) This method is followed even from the 1800s using metal wires which are advanced now to the…

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Braces: Orthodontic Treatment in India for Teens and Adults

The condition where a single tooth or numerous teeth are malpositioned or malaligned is called malocclusion. Braces are the traditional method that was invented in the 1800s, which uses metal wires to correct the malocclusion of the teeth. Aligners also known as invisible braces are the latest technology that uses clear plastic trays without using any wires. We advise you…

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Differences between Invisalign & Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces in India are slightly more advanced compared to traditional metal braces. In recent times, ceramic braces are preferred over metal braces due to their advantages such as more aesthetic, no irritation or damage to the adjacent oral tissues, and durability. Ceramic braces are a decent option and have their merits and demerits when compared with aligners. The major…

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Invisible Teeth Aligners in India

Dental aligners are a quick and effective dental solution to bring teeth in place for that beautiful smile profile. Apart from being the latest trend, aligners are a rather quick fix for most teeth corrections in comparison to orthodontic braces. These clear, plastic trays are safe to use as they are made from multi-layered polyurethane and are BPA-free. It involves…

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Clear Teeth Braces – An Appealing Choice

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. Some people may face a problem with the alignment of their teeth that tends to lose their confidence. Clear braces also known as Invisalign are the latest orthodontic treatment in India practiced by many dentists. There are a few basic things that should be known by the patient regarding…

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Teeth Straightening Without Braces: What Is Your Clear Choice?

Orthodontic treatment is gaining immense popularity as the best option for straightening the teeth and enhancing the esthetics. At times, the traditional metal braces were the only option available for straightening crooked or maligned teeth but as technology advanced, the invisible clear braces in India or Invisalign became the choice of treatment. They function almost similar to metal braces and…

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