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Know More About Teeth Braces To Get Your Teeth In Shape

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that helps in correcting the position of the teeth and jaw for improving the overall health of the mouth and its aesthetics. It becomes difficult to maintain the oral hygiene of the malaligned teeth which may lead to a cavity. It may also cause extra pressure while chewing that may lead to TMJ pain, headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain. The orthodontic treatment is quite affordable and the results achieved are long-lasting. There are many orthodontists in India that make use of teeth braces that help in regaining a beautiful smile.

Conditions Treated by Braces

1. Overbite: When the upper anterior overlap the lower anterior in excess of 2mm is an overbite.
2. Crossbite: When lower teeth overlap upper teeth, then this condition is known as a crossbite.
3. Open bite: When the upper anterior fails to overlap the lower anterior, it causes the condition called an open bite.
4. Misplaced midline: When the center of upper and lower front teeth does not line up, then it is said that the midline is misplaced.
5. Spacing: There is unnatural spacing present in between the teeth that require orthodontic treatment for correction.
6. Crowding: Crowding of teeth may lead to many dental problems and hence, should be corrected.

Benefits of Teeth Braces

  • The teeth get aligned and improve facial appearance.
  • Chewing efficiency increases.
  • There is an improvement in speech and oral hygiene.
  • There are fewer chances of cavity and gum diseases.
  • Helps in reducing the habit of grinding teeth and attrition.
  • Helps in correcting protrusion of teeth that are more prone to trauma.
  • Boosts confidence by improving the smile.
Types of Braces

There are numerous orthodontic clinics in India that carry out orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist in India provides different options to the patients on the basis of the condition of the oral cavity and the requirement of the patient. There are various types of braces available that are quite affordable and help in completing the treatment faster.

1. Metal Braces: Metal brackets and wires are used for achieving proper alignment of the teeth. These are the cheaper options as compared to other braces.

2. Ceramic Braces: The brackets are made of tooth-colored material and are less noticeable as compared to metal braces.

3. Lingual Braces: These braces are attached to the back of the teeth, thus making them invisible. But, it may be quite uncomfortable as the tongue constantly touches it.

4. Self-Ligating Braces: These braces are almost similar to metal braces but clips are used instead of bands in order to keep the wire in place. This helps in making brushing easier.

5. Invisalign: These are amongst the costliest options available for the straightening of teeth. They are almost invisible as the trays used are made of plastic-like material.

The orthodontist in India can help the patient in selecting the best possible treatment plan that is fast and affordable. Orthodontic treatment is the best way to bring back a smile and boost confidence.