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Delaying dental treatment does not help you save money

Dentist appointments scare some people to an extent where they don’t want to visit him unless they are left with no other option. A 6 monthly visit to dentist helps you to keep a check on your oral and overall health.

An early diagnosis saves you not only money but also helps you plan and conserve your dentition for a longer time. It also eliminates the need of a lot of complicated procedures in the future.

A regular dental check up and cleaning appointment ensures a healthy oral cavity. The most common concern is pain in tooth. Patient experiences pain only when the infection in tooth reaches the pulp and needs endodontic intervention in most cases. This can be avoided by detecting the caries in the initial stage and restoring the tooth with just a filling. The root canal treatment is an expensive procedure as compared to a tooth colored filling. The negligence to pain if continues leads to the loss of a lot of tooth structure which poses the need of another additional treatment of post and core. After the complete removal of decay followed by endodontic treatment,a post is used as a support to replace the lost structure and hold a restoration in place allowing full function of the tooth.

Various complicated periodontal surgeries can be avoided by early intervention.Bone and soft tissue loss are long term effects of poor oral hygiene or a detrimental habit which if intervened at an early stage may avoid the damage.Regular oral prophylaxis eliminates the possibility of deposits being accumulated on teeth which is a common factor for soft tissue and bone loss. It can also lead to the loss of teeth.

A prolonged tooth decay leads to the loss of tooth structure increasing the chances of tooth fracture. This may ultimately result in the loss of a tooth which could have been saved if presented to the dentist earlier.

Replacement of missing teeth is the ultimate option thatneed to be managed by the additional surgeries which could have otherwise been avoided by earlier intervention. Infact even the loss of tooth could have been avoided by saving the existing natural teeth using simpler treatment options.

A parafunctional habit may be diagnosed and corrected in the early phase which later results in the situation of a full mouth rehabilitation. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Therefore, timely visits to your dentist can avoid the need of most of the complicated and expensive procedures in future.

Dental treatment is not expensive, ignorance is. A tooth that can be initially saved by a restoration, needs a root canal treatment when not attended to for a long time. This if still not heed to, results in the situation where the teeth needs to be removed and replaced artificially. Further ignorance adds to the cost of complex surgeries in the treatment. It is very essential to notice any signs of dental problem and get them attended at an initial stage to not only save the money for complicated and advanced dental treatments but also to save your natural teeth for as long as possible. Your dentist may help you understand the reason for minor dental problems which otherwise seem unimportant to you. A thorough clinical as well as radiographic assessment helps to diagnose dental concerns which have yet not developed any signs in the patient.