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Ceramic Braces – Conveniently Acquiring A Great Smile

Ceramic or clear braces are one of the most used braces for treatment by orthodontists in India. They are an excellent option especially for adults who are seeking discreet orthodontic treatment. They offer the patients a comprehensive and less visible form of braces that are capable of correcting various types of malalignment. They work just like any other traditional braces but are made of clear brackets that easily blend with the natural tooth.

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

1. Aesthetics

The ceramic braces make use of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that makes it less visible. As they are transparent in nature, they easily blend with the natural teeth and hence, make it difficult to detect.

2. Comfort

The ceramic braces are made of an innovative material that is less abrasive and provides a comfortable experience. It does not aggravate or irritate the gums and hence, there is no chaffing of the gums. There is a slight discomfort only when there is tightening of braces which is generally manageable.

Ideal Candidate for Ceramic Braces

● Any candidate who has all the adult teeth present.
● Any person who is seeking a less noticeable form of braces.
● The person having mild to moderate spacing and crowding.
● Ideal for patients who take good care of their teeth by regular brushing and flossing.

Contraindications for Ceramic Braces

There are some conditions where ceramic braces are not indicated. They are:

● Patients with severe alignment or bite issues.
● Patient with poor oral hygiene.
● As the brackets are clear, it can be easily stained if the patient is a smoker.

Cost of Ceramic Braces

There are many factors that decide the cost of braces. But, on average, the ceramic braces cost may range from $4000 to $8000. The patient can check with their dental insurance plans if the treatment is covered by them, which will help in further reducing the cost. The orthodontist will guide with the proper cost of the treatment.

Caring for Ceramic Braces

All the braces require special care so that it does not break and helps in accelerating the treatment procedure. It is important to follow some tips that helps in taking care of the ceramic braces.

● Avoid food that may leave stains on the ligatures that hold the wires to the brackets.
● Smoking and drinking should be avoided as that may cause stains.
● It is important to brush teeth twice a day.
● Flossing is recommended and orthodontic floss can be used to clean the area below the wires.

Ceramic braces are an excellent option to keep the braces low-key. The orthodontist is the best person to guide regarding the choice of braces that can help in better alignment of the teeth.