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Laser Teeth Whitening To Obtain A Perfect Smile

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure practiced by the dentist. The teeth whitening dentist uses non-invasive procedures and helps in creating a perfect smile. There are many reasons for discoloration of the teeth and teeth whitening treatment is very effective in such cases. Laser teeth whitening system is gaining immense popularity in recent times.

instant teeth whitening

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Power whitening or laser teeth whitening is a safe procedure to solve the problem of the discoloration of the tooth. The laser speeds up the process of teeth whitening by interacting with the gel and makes the teeth brighter by four to six shades.

Advantages of LaserTeeth Whitening

● There is less sensitivity as compared to other whitening methods.
● There is no gum irritation as they are well protected during the procedure.
● Immediate results can be achieved.
● The chair-side time is usually about one hour including the procedure, setup, and cleanup.
● The teeth can be whitened up to 4-6 shades.

The procedure of Laser Teeth Whitening


● The dentist does a thorough screening of the oral cavity and checks for gum recession as whitening may be uneven due to gum recession.
● A pregnant woman and adolescents are usually not allowed to have laser whitening.


● The teeth cleaning is done by the dentist and any cavity that is present is treated and filled.
● The filling of the cavity is important as the whitening material may penetrate through the cavity into the tooth.


● The teeth whitening dentist will make use of rubber or plastic to keep the mouth open.
● A barrier or rubber dam is applied over the gums to protect it from the whitening solution.
● After protecting the gums, the whitening compound is applied to the front of the teeth using a syringe.
● The pen-style laser is used to activate the compound that transforms the whitening gel into oxygen.
● After all the teeth are whitened, the dentist allowed the compound to remain on the teeth for a few minutes.
● A small vacuum tool is used to wipe off the compound and the procedure can be repeated as many as three times.
● The dentist rinses the mouth of the patient and removes the protective layer from the gums.


● The teeth whitening procedure is not permanent and hence, it is very important to take extra care in order to delay the re-staining of the teeth.
● Cigarettes, alcohol, stain-causing foods, and beverages like tea and coffee should be avoided.
● Regular check-ups should be done.

Zoom Teeth whitening treatment is no miracle but is sure to give a perfect whiter and brighter smile to the patient. The cost is high but the immediate results acquired are worth the investment.