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Get Rid of Removable Dentures with All-On-4 Implants

Each of our teeth plays an equally important role in our mouth. Yet, we tend to lose them with age or due to trauma and carious decay. A few decades back, the only effective remedy to restore the cosmetics and functionality of multiple tooth loss was a removable denture. You must have witnessed them first-hand on your grandparents or other aged elders. These dentures fail to satisfy the patient’s functional demands of eating and feeling the food, not to mention the pain and discomfort the patient experiences due to those unstable, bulky frames impinging on the oral soft tissue. But times have changed, and now patients can have a fixed, graft-less and superior solution that lasts a lifetime. Now, get rid of removable dentures with all-on-4 Dental Implants.

What is an All-on-4 Implant bridge?


A full-arch fixed implant bridge commonly called an all-on-4, is a complete set of a dental prostheses supported by four dental implants in your jaw bone. The technology uses 2 angulated and 2 straight dental implants to utilise your jawbone to its maximum potential and eliminate any need for a bone graft. These implants provide a strong foundation for the stability of the bridge and restore oral health and aesthetics to the maximum.

Get to know: the all-on-4 implant procedure:

This novel technology utilises the available jawbone and rehabilitates the patient in less than 72 hours.

  • Firstly, 3D CBCT Implant imaging is used to determine the thickness, quality and quantity of the jawbone.
  • Digital implant planning is done to achieve precise and predictable results. The type of dental implant required and its length and width are determined accurately.
  • After these analyses and examinations, your impression is taken for fabrication of the final prosthesis.
  • On the next appointment, all 4 implants are placed inside your jawbone under the highest-grade sterilised conditions.
  • Finally, a full set of the most natural-looking, implant-supported teeth are delivered to give you a lifetime of a beautiful smile and a healthy jawbone.

Top Benefits of the all-on-4s

  • Life-changing treatment: The revolutionary procedure promises the most patient-friendly, full jaw rehabilitation to enable you to eat and speak without any trace of discomfort or pain.
  • Graft-less, minimally invasive procedure: Bearing in mind, many patients of full jaw rehabilitation are elderly citizens, this procedure eliminates the need for any extensive graft placement surgery. The implants are tilted to be placed in a healthy and strong section of your jawbone.
  • Fixed and Permanent solution: the four implants act as supporting pillars on which the entire bridge is placed. They provide enhanced stability and a strong foundation for your permanent teeth-set to fix upon.
  • Proven success rate: the implants placed are highly durable and are known to have an over 98% success rate.
  • Low on a budget: An All-0n-4 procedure will cost you much less in comparison to conventional implant treatment modalities.

In Nutshell

With many people across the globe opting for this quick and permanent solution, all-on-4 implants have proven to be a cost-efficient, one-time solution for edentulous patients. The procedure additionally stands out for its patient-friendly approach and documented clinical success rate. In nutshell, when considering your options for complete jaw treatment, an all-on-4 procedure should be given a strong thought as the go-to treatment option.