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The Dental Implant – An Ideal Restoration

One of the biggest nightmares for any individual is losing a natural tooth. The gaps that are created cause hindrance in day to day functioning of an individual. There are many options available that help in replacing a missing natural tooth. Dental implant in India is one such option that has brought a revolutionary change in the world of dentistry.…

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Get Rid of Removable Dentures with All-On-4 Implants

Each of our teeth plays an equally important role in our mouth. Yet, we tend to lose them with age or due to trauma and carious decay. A few decades back, the only effective remedy to restore the cosmetics and functionality of multiple tooth loss was a removable denture. You must have witnessed them first-hand on your grandparents or other…

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Dental Implants- Everything You Need to Know

Missing natural teeth is a source of immense frustration in many patients. The gaps affect the smile and also cause hindrance in eating. Dental implants have caused a revolution in the field of dentistry. The traditional dentures have been largely replaced by dental implants. The discovery of implants has changed the outlook of an edentulous patient. The dental implant in…

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