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How to straighten your teeth without braces?

Malpositioning of a single tooth or multiple teeth from their place or malalignment of a tooth that disturbs the bite of the person on one or both sides is considered malocclusion. Malocclusion is usually treated using traditional orthodontic braces (either metal or ceramic) This method is followed even from the 1800s using metal wires which are advanced now to the…

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Braces: Orthodontic Treatment in India for Teens and Adults

The condition where a single tooth or numerous teeth are malpositioned or malaligned is called malocclusion. Braces are the traditional method that was invented in the 1800s, which uses metal wires to correct the malocclusion of the teeth. Aligners also known as invisible braces are the latest technology that uses clear plastic trays without using any wires. We advise you…

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The Different Kinds of Braces

Most of us are not genetically blessed with picture-perfect teeth. That said, achieving a celebrity-like smile is now possible for anyone, courtesy of rapidly advancing dental technologies and a range of swift solutions. Commonly, the advice that most orthodontics give to their patients involves the use of a certain type of dental braces. These devices have proven to be so…

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Ceramic Braces – Conveniently Acquiring A Great Smile

Ceramic or clear braces are one of the most used braces for treatment by orthodontists in India. They are an excellent option especially for adults who are seeking discreet orthodontic treatment. They offer the patients a comprehensive and less visible form of braces that are capable of correcting various types of malalignment. They work just like any other traditional braces…

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