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Smile with Confidence Find the best solutions to fix your smile

Smiling is an important thing in making a first impression. It can help in creating a better first impression or worsen one. But the most important thing you have to remember is not what others think but what you feel about yourself. Are you confident enough to smile and converse comfortably in public or are you the person who avoids or hides the crowd because of your low esteem? The answer is simple, any dental problems that hinder your confidence need to be corrected to improve your confidence. Visit the best dental clinic in India to get a complete oral checkup and get scheduled for smile designing to improve your self-esteem.

Smile designing is a cosmetic treatment procedure that helps in correcting all of your dental problems that hinders your aesthetics. Smile designing is a vast area and covers all the problems such as:

1. Discoloration of your teeth
2. Malpositioned tooth or crowding of teeth
3. Damaged or fractured teeth
4. Spacing in between teeth
5. Gummy smile or pigmented gums
6. Missing teeth
7. Uneven shape or sizes of your teeth

Smile designing involves Dental implants, dentures, Porcelain Veneers, dental crowns, Lumineers, dental composite, dental cement, etc. The cost of smile designing in India varies, as it depends on the type of procedure chosen for your specific condition. But you have to understand that maintaining proper oral hygiene is the basis for every treatment. Smile design can be successful in cases where the patients have basic oral hygiene practices and maintain them. Due to the advancements in technology, the treatment time is significantly reduced, to ensure the comfort of the patient. Also choosing the best dentist in India is necessary to get an accurate treatment plan as cosmetic procedures are not done by all dentists.

Digital Smile Designing:

Digital smile designing in India is a modern technology that consists of unique software which helps in analyzing the oral cavity completely and prescribes a custom treatment plan. It overviews the treatment modalities and gives an accurate estimation of the outcome.

It helps in designing a perfect smile while correcting differences in the proportion of size and shape of your teeth with lips and gums.

3D smile designing:

3D smile designing treatment in India is very advanced and has a high success rate. When the 2D images of the oral cavity to be examined are processed into 3D designing software, a virtual model is created which is used for an accurate analysis of the oral cavity and determining a tailor-fit treatment plan for your conditions.

This process not only helps in achieving a perfect smile but also enhances your overall facial features during different emotions.

Teeth whitening procedure:

This procedure can be chosen if you do not want to go through a smile-designing treatment. Teeth whitening procedures help in removing any stains or discoloration on the surface of the teeth which can be external or internal.

Also, avoid foods such as tea, coffee, red wine, turmeric, berries, etc that can cause discoloration on the surface of the teeth for the results to last long.