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Clear Teeth Braces – An Appealing Choice

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. Some people may face a problem with the alignment of their teeth that tends to lose their confidence. Clear braces also known as Invisalign are the latest orthodontic treatment in India practiced by many dentists. There are a few basic things that should be known by the patient regarding the clear braces.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces or Invisalign is a customized clear tray used for the straightening of malaligned teeth without the use of wires. It is made of smooth and durable plastic material that is placed over the teeth. This Invisalign set is changed every two weeks which helps in bringing the teeth to the correct position. Invisalign in India are affordable and cost affective compare to other countries.

Visiting the Dentist

Dentist in India will give you a better idea about clear braces. The dentist will examine the teeth and decide if Invisalign is the right choice or not. The tray is customized according to the patient’s requirements. With the help of 3D Imaging Technology, the dentist can give a preview of the corrections that will happen after using the clear braces. The dentist will then attach fixtures to the teeth in which the Invisalign is clipped. The dentist gives all the instructions that have to be followed while using clear braces.

How to Use Clear Braces

After the dentist delivers the set of trays, it has to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. It is recommended to remove it while brushing and eating. It is usually seen that Invisalign aligners get stains if the patient is a smoker or heavy coffee drinker. It is crucial to maintain oral hygiene and limit the consumption of cigarettes and coffee. The patient needs to visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks to review the progress and do modifications if required.

Benefits of Clear Braces

● It is invisible as it is made of a clear material.
● Its borders are smooth and hence, prevent injuries to the gums and gingiva.
● It can be removed when required making maintenance of oral hygiene easy.
● There are very few food restrictions and hence, the patients can eat whatever they want to.

Who can use Clear Braces?

Clear Braces use has no age barrier. Anyone who requires to straighten crooked teeth can use clear braces. It is generally not recommended in severe straightening or re-spacing. The Cosmetic dentist in India will help in deciding after thoroughly examining the patient. But, clear braces in India are surely an ideal solution used for treating many cases and bringing back a smile on the face.