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Types of Dental Crowns and Their Benefits

Dental crowns or caps are fixed prostheses that are cemented directly on the tooth structure or an implant. They are most commonly used to replace a missing natural tooth or teeth and also for giving extra strength to the root canal treated tooth. There are various types of crowns available and the dentist can help in deciding the best suitable dental crown for the patient.

zirconia crowns

Benefits of Various Dental Crowns

1. All Porcelain Crowns

● These are the most widely used crown and known for its high aesthetic value.
● They provide a natural look to the tooth and matches with the surrounding teeth.
● They are an excellent choice for anterior teeth.
● As there is absolutely no use of metal, they are highly biocompatible and toxic-free.

2. All-Metal Crowns

● They are highly durable and known for its strength.
● They cannot be chipped off easily.
● They are highly resistant to any wear and tear from the biting forces.
● They are generally used in the posterior teeth where there are maximum biting forces.

3. Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crown or PFM

● The use of metal provides strength to the crown whereas the porcelain improves the aesthetic of the crown.
● They provide great durability and aesthetics.
● They are cheaper as compared to all-porcelain crowns.

4. Gold Crowns

● They are strong and are highly resistant.
● If proper care is taken, they have a long life.
● The wearing of these crowns is generally very slow.
● They are mostly used in posterior restorations.

5. Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are highly translucent and are an excellent combination of strength and aesthetics.
● They are less likely to wear down due to its strength.
● They are strong and long-lasting.
● The processing time to fabricate a zirconia crown is generally less.
● They are metal-free and hence, highly biocompatible and do not cause any allergic reaction.

6. Emax Crowns

● They are the newest type of crowns made of lithium disilicate.
● They have a high aesthetic value and looks almost like the natural tooth structure.
● They are very strong and highly durable.
● They can be used in both anterior and posterior teeth.

The crowns can be used in patients of all age groups. The dentist will discuss in detail the different types of crowns and their advantages with the patient. The dentist will take the decision after evaluating the oral cavity of the patient as well as the budget. The tooth cap cost may vary according to the type of crown that is to be placed.