Often wondered how to get your teeth as attractive as the stars and celebrities?

Envied the pearly whites of your most admired friend?

Well, all your answers lie in the wonders of Teeth Whitening!

It’s the most trending treatment practice in Modern Cosmetic Dentistry and is taking over by a storm.

Teeth Whitening is the very easy and effective way of brightening your teeth with mild bleaching agents to remove the discolorations and make them whiter and shinier.

It is a proven fact in numerous surveys that a poor and unattractive smile hampers your impression and personality.

It is seen that around 74% of people think an unattractive smile hinders their chance of professional success. Whiter and brighter teeth become the core of self-confidence and boost your image and personality to a great extent.

The benefits of teeth whitening are immense, here are a few notable ones:

  • A wide variety of products are available for teeth whitening giving easy and fast results without causing much harm to the teeth.
  • There are natural teeth whitening options too, which go easy in your pocket. The results are satisfactory and long-lasting.
  • Very low chances of causing harm to your teeth as the mild bleaching agents mostly contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.
  • The results are open to your own taste and customization. The whitening intensity can be varied according to your wish and requirements.

All good things come with drawbacks. While the pros of teeth whitening are immense, the drawbacks are of less importance in comparison to the benefit it offers.

Here are the common side effects of teeth whitening:

  • The effect is not prominent on all types of teeth discoloration. They are ineffective in dental crowns and fillings.
  • Might cause sensitivity if bleaching intensity exceeds a certain level. Consultation with a dentist is highly recommended to bypass any such issues.
  • Needs periodic reapplication. The effects are not permanent and require re whitening after six months or even a year. Given the cheap cost of the procedure, reapplication is not much of a concern to the patients.

While teeth whitening seems simple and harmless, a consultation with your dentist is very necessary as a minor wrong move may cause damage and making that mistake with every reapplication of a whitening agent can cause irreparable damage to your teeth.

An informed decision about the intensity and frequency of teeth whitening is advised for better and effective long term results.

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