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Stunning Dentistry Treatment

Teeth Whitening – the Top Rated Cosmetic Dental Treatment Making Smiles

Beautiful Smile Begins With Clean and Sparkling Teeth

No More Stains, Whiten Up Teeth @ Stunning Dentistry

The best fashion statement is a beautiful smile showcasing sparkling clean teeth. Ugly stain on teeth is never desirable. It can dampen your smile, appearance and confidence.

Teeth whitening treatment has emerged as the most popular cosmetic dental procedures aimed at accentuating the aesthetics of smile and face.

Best dentists of Stunning Dentistry, teeth whitening clinic in Delhi, can clean up stubborn stains with teeth whitening treatment. Either whitening surgery is suggested or DIY teeth whitening kit need to take to home (when there is not much discoloration of teeth).

We Care for the Aesthetics of Your Face

Stunning Dentistry has earned widest recognition for premium teeth whitening service. The clinic has also attained popularity for its attractive and competitive teeth whitening price in Delhi. You have complete comfort at this clinic.

Say Bye to Stains and Hi to Shining Smile

Teeth whiteners should be used for its benefits without fearing damage to teeth nerves.

  • Clean stains
  • Brighten Smiles
  • Pleasing Appearance

Top Three Ways to Get Whiter Teeth

The best option of treatment would be seek professional application by a dentist. The other two types of treatments include prescribed teeth whitening regime or buying OTC (Over-the-Counter) teeth whitening chemicals (strips, gels, toothpaste) at affordable cost.

The only difference between in-office and home teeth whitening application is in the concentration level of agents used for bleaching away stains:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Carbamide Peroxide

Since the concentration level of stain removing chemical is greater for in-office application, teeth whitening dentist cost is much higher than home-based kits or OTC agents.

We Care for the Aesthetics of Your Face

Teeth whitening treatment is required when there is discoloration of teeth due to long deposition of unclean plaque, smoking, chewing of betel nut or tobacco, and intake of dark-colored drinks like coffee, tea, cola and red wine.

Aging, teeth trauma or intrinsic stains (within teeth) due to over exposure to fluoride are other causes of discoloration. But bleaching teeth whitening procedure works only on extrinsic stains.

Technology - Advancements in the Field of Teeth Whitening

The latest, advanced dental technology can achieve the most stunning result in defining a perfect smile. Dentists employ Light Activated Teeth Whitening, Zoom White Speed Lamp and Laser Teeth Whitening procedures for magical transformation from stains to pearly whites.

Whiteners used for restoring original color of teeth are of the highest international quality. Bleaching agents used for teeth cleaning methods work best on yellow stains. The success rate lowers down with brown or grey stains. Even then top dental practitioners of Stunning Dentistry ensure that you get optimum results in teeth whitening at best cost.

Cosmetic Advanced Technology