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Full Mouth Implant Restoration

Ageing has a manifold effect on our bodies. One common affliction in our elderly population is periodontal disease with eventual loss of teeth, healthy gum tissue and underlying bone. The disease ramifies to eating and articulation difficulties besides obvious esthetic concerns. A few decades back, any dentist would proudly suggest complete dentures to rehabilitate the patients. But those uncomfortable and sometimes painful dentures were hardly effective. Therefore, today, the most advanced dental implant-based technology is employed world-over to completely restore oral functions and look, as full mouth rehabilitation. Check out the technique below.

Is the Full mouth Implant rehabilitation for you?

Full mouth rehabilitation aims to restore the lost functions of mastication and speech due to trauma or periodontal disease, causing loss of teeth of multiple teeth. A full-mouth restoration with implants can follow either of the following techniques or a combination of them with zygomatic implants. In such a scenario, factors like your bone density, general health condition, bone height, etc, will guide the final treatment plan.


Implant placement requires a high level of precision and expertise to deliver life-long results. The whole procedure duration might vary from case to case but on a whole, specialists can restore your beautiful smile within 3 appointments. Let’s understand the procedure below.

Stage 1: preparation and consultation

Before the treatment begins, your oral health needs to be accessed to reach an accurate diagnosis. For this CBCT Digital 3D Imaging is performed. This cutting edge tool analysis the bone and surrounding vital structures to assist your implantologist in planning a predictable treatment. Based on your bone condition and quantity the right type of implant and its placement angulation is determined. Finally, based on your needs and digital scans, a treatment is charted out.

Stage 2: Implant placement

In this appointment, small titanium implants are placed painlessly in your jaw bone. Once the implants are placed, the small opening created in the gums for this purpose is closed under highly sterilised conditions. After this appointment, the site left to heal for a period of four to six months. During this duration, your bone grows around and fuses with the implant, giving it enhanced stability and support.

Stage 3: final restoration placement

At your last appointment, the final restorations are fixed upon the small implant posts protruding above your gums. Once these bridges are placed, you can have instant restoration of your oral functions and an attractive smile.

Benefits of Implant-based restoration

  • Implants are synonymous with long-term treatment results
  • Excellent masticatory experience that cannot be delivered by dentures.
  • Restorations are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth
  • No hassle of removal, replacement or cleaning of the prosthesis
  • Restoration maintained with routine oral hygiene measures


Dental implants are a breakthrough when it comes to the rehabilitation of complete tooth loss. There are ideal for the restoration of the health, strength and beauty of your smile. Complete restoration with dental implants will be a one-time treatment for achieving enhanced esthetics and functions after you have experienced multiple tooth loss due to oral health conditions or trauma.