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Tooth implants are now simpler in India

Dental implants are evolving as patients are choosing permanent and natural-looking teeth. The procedure is considered minor surgery and is a painless procedure as it is done under local or systemic anesthesia.

Points to remember before getting an implant surgery:

  • The success of all on 4 implant in India depends not only on the dental surgeon but also on your overall health condition. Because your health condition affects the healing process and total time taken to heal.
  • The implant surgery may be affected by your oral hygiene practices. Smoking not only decreases the process of healing, affecting your overall success of the implant but also decreases the lifespan of an implant. So, it is advised to stop smoking to increase the success of implant surgery.
  • In case you are getting immediate loading implants, you need to consider the fact that the healing process is the same for all types of implants. The healing process may take 3-5 months based on different factors affecting your overall health.
  • Even if it’s not an immediate loading, during the healing process of 4-5 months, a temporary crown can be used for aesthetic purposes.
  • It is advised to visit the best dentist in India, who has the experience to determine whether your jaw bone is suitable for getting an implant surgery and the type of implant that suits your requirements. The dental surgeon is one of the most important factors determining the success of your implant surgery.
  • If you choose the surgeon to operate on you, do not forget to get all the information about the implant that is chosen for you. Record the implant brand being used along with the model of the implant system.

Points to remember after the implant surgery:

  • It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene as advised by your dental surgeon. Regular cleaning of the implant or the abutment and the surrounding tissues is a must.
  • Avoiding deleterious activities such as smoking and betel nut chewing is necessary. They can affect the healing process of implant surgery.
  • Regular visits as advised by the respective dental surgeon are necessary to check the healing process of the dental implants in India.
  • If you observe any loosening or mobility of the dental implant, which can be caused in cases like uncontrolled diabetes or any infections to the surrounding tissues; visit your dental surgeon as early as possible.

Dental implant surgery is a minor procedure and can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of your procedure. We advise you to visit the best dental clinic in India, which has the most experienced dentists and all the equipment required, to provide you with the best possible service.