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5 Reasons why you should fix your broken teeth ASAP

Dental health is very important yet people tend to neglect the potential dangers of poor oral health. Ever heard of a broken tooth or chipped tooth? It can happen with any injury or even while biting a hard seed or even hard candy. Why do teeth break while biting? Poor dental and oral health can weaken teeth structure leading to breaking or chipping while biting with the regular force. Make a routine to visit the best dental clinic in India to maintain good oral health.

Risk factors that cause teeth to break

➢ Blunt trauma to teeth either by accident or during playing sports like baseball, cricket, etc. Playing safe with safety gear is important to avoid these kinds of injuries.

➢ Trying to bite hard food like candy, or ice, or trying to break bones with teeth, or trying to open any sort of package with teeth can break teeth. Immediately visiting the best dentist in India can help in better treatment options.

Tooth cavities or infected teeth can break more easily than normal teeth with little force as their structure is weakened.

➢ Certain foods like acidic food, or gummy candies can weaken enamel, reducing the strength of the teeth.

➢ Individuals with a previous history of breakage or teeth that underwent treatment should not be used for forceful bites that can cause break easily.

Why is it necessary to fix Broken teeth early?

1.Many people fix their teeth because of aesthetic reasons while some don’t even fix their teeth until it becomes a complication. A broken tooth not only appears as broken, but it also turns into blackish discoloration if left untreated. So, this needs to be fixed if you want to maintain a good smile.

2.Visiting a Dentist when there is a break in teeth can help us know the depth of the crack or chip. This can help us know the severity of damage to the structure of teeth. This broken or chipped tooth can even contribute to further damage and the formation of new chips in the future. The uneven edge of the tooth can cause cuts on adjacent soft tissues such as tongues, cheeks, and lips. Visit the best dentist in Delhi immediately to deal with the damaged tooth.

3.If the crack of broken teeth or chipped teeth is deep enough, it reaches the nerve ending of the teeth. This causes excruciating pain even at rest. In some cases, the nerve damage becomes so severe that the nerve dies. This can give a false impression to the patient that their problem is resolved. But this may be far beyond the damage of a single tooth and must be treated immediately.

4.Even fracturing the outer layers of the tooth doesn’t require removal of the entire tooth, it can expose the inner layers of the tooth. The cracked or chipped tooth can attract more debris and exposed dentin is more prone to decay or infections.

5.Chipping or breaking of a tooth involves exposure of the inner layers of the tooth, dentin, or pulp. This can start as slight sensitivity and if neglected for a long period can turn into severe pain. We recommend you visit the best dental clinic in Delhi, having advanced equipment and experienced dentists for all your dental needs.

FAQs about Broken Tooth??

1.Can half of a tooth be saved during fracture?

Yes, fractures involving only the crown portion of the tooth away from the gum line can be treated by a dentist with the help of dental bonding or crown. Dentists can suggest endodontic surgery in case of a severely fractured tooth.

2.How long can a broken tooth stay inside the mouth?

Broken teeth will not receive any nutrients and will die with time. Black discoloration is the first indication observed within a few weeks, if left untreated it can develop infection and swelling of the adjacent soft tissues.

3.Do broken teeth always need to be removed?

No, the involvement of the teeth portion determines the treatment plan. If it is just chipping the enamel or dentin portion of the crown, then simple dental procedures such as bonding can be done. If it involves the pulp portion of the crown, then a root canal treatment is suggested.