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Tooth Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

We all have come across instances when we happen to accidentally look in a mirror at a public place and notice the yellowish tinge of our teeth; or occasions when we end up discouraged by comparing our discoloured teeth with those of a front-page celebrity. Don’t we?

What we fail to understand is that these yellowish splotches on our teeth may be present due to varied reasons and, areas remediable as our everyday caries. Discoloured teeth can be a cause of our contemporary habits such as smoking, or tobacco chewing; due to plaque accumulation or having dark-tinted drinks including coffee, tea, wine or cola. It might even be due to ageing or some internal causative factors.

Because of these widespread causes stained, discoloured teeth are very common and hence the market is filled with multiple treatment options. One may choose to give those household tooth whitening quick fixes a try, or use those Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and gels that are readily available these days. However, the most effective and prescribed method remains professional teeth whitening procedures performed by a trained dentist.

Teeth Whitening Procedures and its variations

If you have healthy, unrestored but yellowish teeth, you are an ideal candidate for an In-Office teeth whitening procedure. Most of the techniques involved use a bleaching agent on your teeth such as Hydrogen Peroxide, for a period ranging anywhere between 25-60 minutes. The results are dramatically whiter teeth in just a single sitting.

With teeth whitening procedures emerging as the most sought after cosmetic dental procedure many high standard technologies have come up to ease the process and provide esthetically superior results. Know more about the most popular ones below:

Philips DASH Teeth Whitening

An easy to use teeth whitening technique that does not involve the use of any kind of light. It delivers superior results on extrinsic stains, giving you a dazzling smile within 60 minutes.

LASER Assisted Teeth Whitening

Incorporating LASERS into a conventional whitening procedure means instant results with the promise of a safer, non-irritating and painless process. The materials are specially bioengineered and provide no damage to either your tooth or the surrounding gums.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

It is the latest advancement and most in-demand whitening procedure all over the globe. It uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp that hastens the whitening process to transform stained teeth into attractive pearly whites.

Tooth Sensitivity associated with whitening procedures:

Teeth that show discomfort to water or even a whiff of air, are most commonly noticed after whitening procedures. This potential side effect is due to the use of a bleaching agent as an active ingredient, which is known to cause teeth sensitivity in some people post-whitening procedures. However, the effect is usually short-lived and goes away with time. The discomfort does not create any permanent damage to the tooth structure.

How to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity?

Here are some ways to protect those stunning bright teeth after the whitening procedure:

Stay away from temperature variations: Avoid drinking Hot beverages or cold drinks as these would elicit a strong sensitivity reaction. Stick to room temperature food items after a whitening session. No ice cream after this one!

Talk to your Dentist:

Most of the sensitivity issues begin at your gumline, hence informing your dental professional about your prior gum disease is very essential to prevent discomfort later on. The gums should be well-healed before the whitening session begins.

Get those Cavities Filled:

If you have any carious tooth your dentist will advise you to get them filled before initiating the whitening process as these may result in painful sensitivity and hinder your daily chores.


Professional whitening procedures are the way to go if you dream of a bright, blemish-free smile. Most modern-day, technology-backed procedures hardly invoke any side effects as the light-driven is well controlled and does not without unnecessarily harming your gums or tooth structure. So leave your apprehensions at bay and get an appointment to attain that million-dollar smile and pearly white confidence that comes with it.