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Tag: teeth cap

Tooth Crown – Is This Treatment for you?

It is very common to find one’s tooth damaged. This may occur due to decay, trauma or own habits such as clenching. Earlier the only solution to a badly damaged tooth was to get it extracted. But with advancing times come better technologies and better remedies. Now, not only you can save a damaged tooth but also get it treated…

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Types of Tooth Cracks and Their Treatment

A crack in the tooth can be an unwelcome and sometimes painful experience. Our tooth may crack due to a physical injury, or chewing down hard food substances; It may even fracture due to our deleterious habits such as night clenching and grinding or just simply from ageing or a previous Root canal treatment. Worried about a similar crack in…

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All About Dental Crowns by the Best Dentist

There are many dental procedures carried out by a dentist depending on the condition of the mouth of the patient. Dental crowns or dental caps are most often needed by most of the patients and are a common practice procedure by the dentist. There are various types of crowns available and the teeth crown price varies according to the material…

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Types of Dental Crowns and Their Benefits

Dental crowns or caps are fixed prostheses that are cemented directly on the tooth structure or an implant. They are most commonly used to replace a missing natural tooth or teeth and also for giving extra strength to the root canal treated tooth. There are various types of crowns available and the dentist can help in deciding the best suitable…

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