We all prefer a clean smile with good oral hygiene. The way we maintain our teeth also reflects on our personality. Most often people do not take care of their oral health which tends to leave the teeth and gums damaged. This is not a good sign. If a routine dental root canal cannot fix it, then the patient will need to opt for a full mouth rehabilitation alternative to restore the damaged teeth and gums. Dental problems differ from person to person. Some patients have missing teeth, and a few have excessive abnormal growth; on the other side, a few will have loose teeth which can be cracked or broken. This will affect daily normalcy living.

What causes a deconstructive mouth?

Some individuals are born with disabilities. They are conditions like:

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia
  • Amelogenesis
  • Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Hence full mouth rehabilitation is the only process an individual will need to go through to maintain oral hygiene and clean teeth.

Who should consider a full mouth Rehabilitation?

  • If an individual has lost teeth due to decay
  • The internal jaw is injured or fractured
  • Excessive intake of faulty food, beverages, and acid which leads to deterioration
  • If any jaw pain related cases or pain while biting or chewing food.

What does full mouth rehabilitation involve?

  • Restoring crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Treating bleeding and loose gums
  • Operated extra growth
  • Helping the patient improvise tooth movements

These treatments are provided by full mouth rehabilitation experts like periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and endodontists who specialized experts.

The procedure is undertaken for full mouth rehabilitation treatment:

Normal examination:

The patient needs to seek a doctor and go through a regular dental review. The expert will analyze the patient based on oral health, check the issues with muscles and jaw, shape, color and size of the teeth.

In-depth check-ups:

In some cases, the expert will not be able to detect the faultiness. Hence the patient is asked to seek an X-ray or any impressions of the damaged teeth that can help in understanding the faultiness.

Tooth cleaning:

Every expert follows a technique to do a regular tooth clean up before providing any treatment to the patient. This also helps in understanding the issues with oral roots, gums, and muscles.

Once a low base standard clean-up is done the process for the full mouth rehabilitation treatment  begins:

Dental implants: 

Every problem has a solution in the same way now damaged, and decayed teeth can be replaced with the help of implants. Usually, implants are manufactured in different forms. They can be inserted permanently or are removable. However, it simplifies the complexes caused due to damaged teeth.

Dental Crowns:

In cases where there is a broken tooth, it can be easily replaced. These restorations are permanent and improvise the appearance. The difference between a restored and durable set of the tooth cannot be identified.

Cost of full mouth rehabilitation :

The price keeps on changing depending upon the type of rehabilitation a patient requires. If the doctor suggests it for one tooth, it might cost in between Rs. 1000-3000. Some patients and doctors recommend replacing all the teeth or consider a jawline job.

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